High contrast for printing on dark substrates

The LEIBINGER JET3pi is used for marking dark substrates with light colored ink. The inkjet printer works with pigmented inks, also known as opaque inks (due to the high opacity). Paul LEIBINGER is one of the few manufacturers specializing in pigmented inkjet printers. The printers come equipped with a one-of-a-kind hydraulic system and guarantee maximum reliability when printing with light colors such as white ink.


The JET3pi is ideal for marking and coding applications in which a strong contrast is to be created between the imprint and a product with a darker substrate. Examples include black cables, pipes, wires, automotive parts or brown beer bottles that have to be marked in white for clearer legibility. White and other light-colored inks, as well as dark inks with high opacity, contain pigments and cannot be used in standard printers as a result. The pigments they contain also make the inks particularly UV-resistant.

A special combination consisting of the hydraulic system, the “Sealtronic“ system and the stirring device in the JET3pi ensures that the pigmented inks do not settle, making them ready to use at all times. During breaks in production, an automatic timer ensures that the agitator stirs the opaque inks regularly—even when the printer is switched off. The automated “Sealtronic“ nozzle seal ensures that the nozzle is sealed airtight, allowing ink to be circulated through the entire system. The ink tanks of the LEIBINGER JET3pi have a new design, increasing the efficiency of the technology for pigmented inks.

The low-maintenance hydraulics concept ensures that the LEIBINGER JET3pi pigmented inkjet printers do not require costly external compressed air to generate the ink pressure, nor do they need maintenance-intensive gear-wheel pumps. This eliminates the possibility of contaminating the pigmented ink using compressed air (water, oil, rust) and avoids unwanted heating of the ink by gear-wheel pumps.

  • Variety of pigmented contrast inks (opaque inks)
  • Fast-drying inks
  • MEK-free inks
  • Temperature-resistant inks
  • PVC inks (transfer-resistant)
  • Pigmented universal inks
  • Custom inks

Pigmented ink colors:
White, black, yellow, orange, blue, silver-grey

The JET3pi is also available in IP65 protection class protecting against jets of water. The dustproof and waterproof solution, which also works with pigmented inks, is a combination of the LEIBINGER JET3pi and JET3pro printers. For more information, use the direct contact or contact form to the left.

  • Nozzle size: 60 µm or 70 µm
  • Umbilical, length: 3 m, 6 m or 10 m
  • Umbilical, outlet: Straight, 45° or 90° angle
  • Head pressurization: Internal or external
  • Electronic fan cabinet for extremely warm environments
  • Additional interfaces for activating additional printers
  • Precision print head
  • Special print head with side umbilical outlet
  • The automated “Sealtronic“ nozzle seal ensures that ink does not dry out, even during lengthy breaks in production
  • Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation
  • Interfaces such as Ethernet and I/O signals make integration into a production machine easy
  • Height of the fonts: 5-32 drops
  • Up to 5-line texts can be printed
  • Over 120 user-friendly functions

Additional information about the advantages of the JET3 series can be found here.