High-security printing

  • high-security printing
  • high-security printing
  • high-security printing
  • high-security printing
  • high-security printing
  • high-security printing

LEIBINGER numbering machines and systems are extremely well-suited for numbering and coding for high-security printing. Banknotes, passports, tax labels, lottery tickets, security documents and much more can be printed reliably using LEIBINGER numbering devices. The solutions for state-run or private high-security printing offices include purely mechanical numbering machines, mechanical devices with electronic full monitoring systems and modulus control to electronic numbering systems controlled via servomotors. The LEIBINGER LKS 5 camera system provides additional print monitoring of the finished printout on the paper and ensures data synchronization.

Sheet-edge numbering in banknote production is done with LEIBINGER inkjet printers and is then monitored by the LKS 5. This is used by the individual machines to monitor the sheet-edge during the entire production process (offset, intaglio, numbering, etc.) and to filter out weaknesses in the production process. Countermeasures can be introduced as quickly as possible.

Typical numberings

  • Continuous or variable numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Digits/letters/numbers
  • Convex numbering machine
  • Straight numbering machine
  • Check digits wheel (modulus)
  • Barcodes


  • Paper/security paper
  • Cardboard
  • Synthetic material/plastic/polymer

Examples of typical applications

  • Numbering banknotes/bills/currencies
  • Numbering tax labels
  • Numbering passports/personal identification cards
  • Numbering vehicle documents
  • Numbering driver's licenses
  • Numbering fiduciary documents
  • Sheet-edge numbering via inkjet to keep track and trace of sheets (additional control feature)
  • Coding
  • In WEB printing machines (WEB presses)
  • In sheet printing machines
  • In collators
  • In special purpose machines
  • In rotary web printing with simultaneous numbering
  • User-programmable numbering sequences
  • 100% monitoring of each individual number wheel

Typical print monitoring tasks

  • Print monitoring/verification/image processing/data synchronization of various printouts and safety features
  • Logging verification