For advancing the numbering machine

LEIBINGER cams are installed in rotary presses and collators. The cam on the cam shaft moves the driving lever of the numbering machine, which in turn sets the number wheels in motion. Cams can be used for all LEIBINGER rotary numbering machines.

LEIBINGER offers the following cam versions:

  • Solid/one-piece cam
  • Split/two-part cam
  • Cam with window: Enables the numbering machines to be assembled and disassembled without modifying the position of the complete set-up
  • Cam with segment and pneumatic cylinder: For this variant, the cam shaft of the cam remains fixed in place and the cam itself is a moving element with electrical control
  • Cam with double-stroke to switch the numbering machine 2x. This makes it possible to reach skip 12 using the skip 6 numbering machine
  • Cams for specific printing machines by request