Cable Printing

Technical glossary of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

Cables are produced at individual length. The cable length can reach from a few hundred meters up to a few kilometers. The printing on the cable is as individual as the length. Some clients only need a meter marking on the cable – others also want the cable description printed on the cable.

But a marking system not only has to meet these requirements, it also has to deal with different cable diameters. That is the reason why inkjet printing systems are mostly used for cable printing. The non-contact system can print on almost every surface, in any shape, if round, vaulted, waved, rough or graded. Inkjet printers are programmable and can mark the most complex engineered harnesses at non-stop high-speed.

The cable printing will be printed automatically after a quick set up. No matter if a single or a large piece run should be produced, the print jobs start automatically one after another, without any changes at the production line.

Automatic labeled cable