CIJ Printer

Technical glossary of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

CIJ printer is the short form for continuous inkjet printer. This kind of printing is primarily used for coding and marking of products.

In the technology of CIJ printers a pump directs fluid from a reservoir tank to one or more small nozzles which eject a continuous stream of drops at high frequency. The drops pass through a set of electrodes which impart a charge onto each drop. The charged drops then pass a deflection plate which uses a field to deflect the drops which should be printed. Undeflected drops will be collected and returned for re-use. The high drop ejection frequency of CIJ printers gives a capability for very high speed printing and is suitable for applications such as date coding on beverage cans, cable or packaging.
See also the LEIBINGER CIJ printers.

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The JET3—the industrial CIJ printer (continuous inkjet printer) from LEIBINGER from Tuttlingen, Germany