Technical glossary of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

Coding means the applying of marks, the printing of fonts, text, graphics or logos on a surface. To place this information on products, several technics are available. It can be done for example by hand, with stamps, imprinting, print technics, engraving or laser.

Some producers print the coding on labels or use any other signage technology. Depending on the product surface and the sustainability of the printed information, different kinds of machines are used.

All kinds of products are coded with logos, warning information, lot numbers, graphics, best before dates, 2D Codes, DataMatrix codes or barcodes for information and traceability reasons. Different branches of the industry have to obey different kinds of regulations concerning the product coding.

In the pharmaceutical industry for example it is important, that information on instruction leaflets are without mistakes. Another very important field for coding with information is the traceability of pharmaceuticals and best before information.

Not only in the food and beverage industry best before information must be clearly readable and correct. Additional traceability information like lot numbers is important as well, in case of a bad a product batch with faults and the company has to withdraw the products from the market.

But not only traceability and shelf life are important information for product coding. Also information to the product itself or for further processing is required, like for example in the cable industry meter-marking are printed on cables. Coding products is an important part in any industry branch like automotive, pharmacy, food, beverage, cable, pipe, plastic, electronic and packaging.

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