Code of Conduct


Dear employees,

you are all familiar with our company motto “counting for the future”. This motto not only makes a statement about our company’s business development, but also about our social obligations. Ongoing growth is only possible thanks to responsible, ethical dealings with our employees, business partners, society and the environment. For us, compliance with the law is a given.

We all share a common responsibility to the Paul LEIBINGER company. Each and every one of us should aspire to acting in the spirit of this company. After all, the company’s strength and stability represent the platform for our workplace security. The misconduct of individuals not only damages our reputation, but can also lead to significant financial damage.

For the first time, the following Code of Conduct brings together the fundamental rules of conduct which we have been following for several years. This Code of Conduct is binding for everyone, from executive management through to every single one of our employees.

We expect our employees to be committed to responsible, fair, ethical conduct towards colleagues, national and international business partners, as well as external bodies and parties. Only in this way can we continue to successfully pursue the corporate growth we have enjoyed to date.

Each and every one of you is the face of the Paul LEIBINGER company. With this in mind, let us all act together as we commit to following the principles and rules in this Code of Conduct.


Christina Leibinger

Günther Leibinger



The Paul LEIBINGER company’s fundamental rules of conduct

Within the company

LEIBINGER is steeped in a culture of equal opportunity, mutual trust, reliability and respect. We reject discrimination in the recruitment of our employees, or when considering promotions and offering training. We treat all employees equally, regardless of gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnicity, sexual identity, disability, illness, religion, beliefs and world views.

We adhere to legal regulations to ensure fair working conditions, including those for remuneration and working hours.

LEIBINGER respects human dignity, and supports internationally recognized human rights and their observance. Each employee is obliged to ensure compliance with these fundamental rights.

We strongly reject any kind of forced or child labor. The minimum age for employment may not be less than the age at which compulsory education ends and must be at least 15 years.

The health and safety of our employees is one of our declared corporate objectives. Occupational health and safety are an integral component of our internal processes. In the case of conversions, new projects, etc., these aspects are taken into account as early as in the planning stage. Every manager is also required to train their employees in safety-related topics, to teach and support them on an ongoing basis.

LEIBINGER offers a safe and healthy working environment without discrimination and harassment. We value the dedication of our employees and create a work environment that enables us to attract and retain qualified people by:

  • Maintaining a corporate culture that honors the performance of each individual within a competitive remuneration system.
  • Conducting regular, fair and objective performance assessments that take into account the individual’s contribution to the success of the team, the achievement of objectives, and compliance with this Code of Conduct and internal policies.
  • Encouraging the ongoing education and training of our employees.
  • Maintaining an open door policy that gives all employees access to management.

Treat your colleagues with due respect, as you hope to be treated yourself. We expect an environment that is shaped by friendly, professional collaboration. Mutual support is vital as is the targeted, consistent standards of work performance – for oneself as well as for one's colleagues. A common goal can only be achieved when everyone pulls together. Even in the case of problems – of a professional or human nature – which may preclude efficient work, a timely, open and direct conversation for finding solutions with the parties involved must be sought.

We cultivate a culture of open communication.

At LEIBINGER, long-term collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers is a given.

Outside the company

Our company’s credibility is based on business ethics and integrity. As a globally active company, it is a given for LEIBINGER that all employees working internationally respect and obey the laws and regulations of the states and countries with which we interact. This includes compliance with trade controls, relevant import and export control regulations and embargoes.

If the legal provisions, customs or other rules in a country in which LEIBINGER operates differ from the provisions of this Code of Conduct, the stricter provisions must be applied.

Our employees must demonstrate sincerity and fairness in all aspects of their business, and we expect the same in return from our partners.

For our customers and suppliers, we want to be a trusting, proactive partner. We maintain a constructive, transparent and open dialogue based on fairness and mutual respect with our customers and our suppliers. We ensure correct, transparent and timely communication with our stakeholders. We believe that understanding customer needs as well as quick response times, in-depth expertise and rapid service are critical to our customers’ success as well as ours. We only promise what we can realistically achieve and respond to customer complaints in a manner that is in line with our high standards of integrity and fairness. In an atmosphere of openness, fairness and trust, we strive for excellence in product quality, sales performance and aftersales service through the ongoing development and constructive questioning of our practices and processes.

Our business is based on a disciplined and reasonable approach to risk and trust. We expect all our employees to actively contribute to increasing market trust in LEIBINGER and its products and, in particular, to refrain from doing anything that could jeopardize this trust. In everything you do, always act responsibly and with the required diligence.

LEIBINGER resolutely rejects any kind of corrupt behavior. This means that our employees are not allowed to offer, promise or grant benefits to our customers’ decision-makers and potential customers at home and abroad in order to achieve preferential treatment or benefits for our company. This includes gifts, invitations to business lunches or events that go beyond the framework of neutral or objective customer care. Conversely, our employees are also under an obligation not to accept benefits from outside parties, which may give the impression that our employees could be influenced in their business concerns and decisions. Our employees never demand or expect a personal benefit for themselves or a third party.

Exceptions to this rule only apply to customary occasional or promotional gifts, and gifts that are considered customary and courtesy in a specific country.

Within society

The district of Tuttlingen has always been home to the Paul LEIBINGER company’s headquarters and will remain so in the future. This is a promise we make to our employees, to the region, and to our customers, who value the high quality of “made in Germany” LEIBINGER products. We do this proactively, thinking economically, but also with a socially oriented perspective.

As a responsible company, we take our social responsibility very seriously. LEIBINGER regularly participates in the promotion and support of associations, institutions and events in the national environment. These subsidies are made through donations in kind and money or through collaborative efforts which serve exclusively for social consideration. No donations will be made to gain business benefits. Donations to individuals, private accounts, political parties at home and abroad, as well as party-like organizations are also not granted.

Environmental protection and sustainability

LEIBINGER is committed to taking responsibility for the environment, society, the continued existence of our company, for our customers and partners, and last but certainly not least, for our employees. As a family-owned company, this thinking determines our daily activities and is intrinsic to our corporate policy. We continuously aspire to striking a balance between people, the environment and profitability.

For its production, LEIBINGER has developed a coherent ecology concept, through which environmental protection can be implemented and competitiveness secured. Essentially, there are two areas on which our ecology concept is based. On the one hand, we work in a way that is environmentally friendly in production. And on the other, our products have environmentally friendly properties.

Environmental protection in production, in our products and in our buildings:

  • Solar energy: Since 1999, LEIBINGER has been generating energy through its own photovoltaic system.
  • Heat recovery: We use waste heat and have several combined heat and power plants.
  • Cleaning system: We reduce the solvent emission by means of back-distillations.
  • Recycling of recyclables: We sort and recycle waste products.
  • Effective production planning: LEIBINGER optimizes operation and operating times of the hardening shop, metal finishing plant, heating, ventilation and compressors.
  • Detoxified wastewater: We neutralize our wastewater so it does not harm the environment.
  • Intelligent lighting: Intelligent lighting control makes optimum use of daylight. Among other things, lighting of the latest, energy-saving alternatives is used.
  • Low energy consumption and long service life thanks to optimized switch-on times for LEIBINGER inkjet printers.
  • Compliance with EU regulations: REACH and RoHS.
  • Resource-saving service for LEIBINGER inkjet printers.
  • EcoSolv reduces the solvent consumption of our inkjet printers.

Handling information / data privacy

Protection of the personal data of our customers, employees and business partners is a given for LEIBINGER. As a global company, we also pay attention to compliance with national and international data protection regulations. Our security standards and actions are designed to protect against unauthorized access and use of personal data. This obligation also applies to our business partners and service providers.

The confidentiality of our employees also extends to all business and operational documents or records (original, copy or similar) which serve business or operational purposes and may not be made accessible to third parties in any way.

Avoiding conflicts of interest / secondary employment

We expect our employees to be loyal to our company. Secondary employment must therefore not conflict with the interests of LEIBINGER. This applies as an example and especially to secondary activities in competitive companies. Excluded are equity investments which do not allow entrepreneurial influence.


Our employees are required to report violations of this Code of Conduct. The first contact person for this is the direct supervisor. If the employee does not want to approach the supervisor, he or she can also contact executive management directly through Mrs. Bodensohn:

Jana Bodensohn
Telephone: +49 (0)7461 / 9286-115

No employee shall suffer a disadvantage within the company through compliance with the present Code of Conduct, law and regulations. The above-mentioned contact person will take note of any violations and follow them carefully. All references will be treated as strictly confidential, unless a different approach is required for legal reasons.

A breach of this Code of Conduct may lead to labor law measures for all employees, including executives and managers.

Validity and implementation

The principles and rules of conduct described in this Code of Conduct represent a core element of LEIBINGER's corporate culture. The company-wide adherence to these principles and rules of conduct is imperative and applies not only literally, but also logically. Every single employee is responsible for compliance. A special responsibility falls on executives and managers. They are required to communicate the contents of our Code of Conduct to their employees, to demonstrate its content through their behavior and to assist them in its implementation. However, the scope of our employees’ ability to act on their own responsibility should not be restricted within a reasonable framework.

LEIBINGER ensures that the principles and ethical values of our Code of Conduct are communicated to all employees of the company in a suitable and regular manner.