Production & Service Philosophy

Extensive in-house production depth and consulting services for maximum product quality and customer satisfaction

Reliability made in Germany

Paul LEIBINGER produces and develops exclusively at its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. We take the associations implied by the idea of "made in Germany" to heart. We have 100% in-house production depth in our areas of expertise. This active insourcing allows us to guarantee reliability and quality as well as meet the demands of the market and those of our customers specifically and on short notice.

From design to construction and production on to testing, we implement everything with extremely high efficiency with short paths in our main plant in Tuttlingen. Comprehensive consultation by sales and expert after-sales service complete the LEIBINGER portfolio. Our customers, distributors and partners can rely on us for all of their concerns!

Extensive in-house production depth, specialized employees and production utilizing state-of-the-art technology allow us to provide flexible and customer-oriented solutions: We always implement standard products, individual requests as well as large, complex projects on-time while meeting and surpassing all of the expectations of our customers and partners.

Step-by-step: From design to implementation


Before selling our customers a product, we see ourselves as partners and consultants. The complexity of numbering machines and the various facets of inkjet marking require us to discuss the needs of the customer first. Creating samples or on-site visits are not a rarity. We work closely together with qualified distributors throughout the world in order to provide optimal consultation and to show our dedication to our customers.


Our efforts to be innovative or meet customer requests or market demands make us trendsetters for new features and ongoing product developments. Our engineers and designers develop optimal solutions for this and are always working closely with downstream departments and our test lab. LEIBINGER employees' high level of expertise is an important foundation for the quality of future products. Therefore, LEIBINGER consciously relies on employee expertise in Research & Development and, if nothing else, also uses this to guarantee steady growth and innovative advancement.


We coordinate the flow of goods between the supplier, warehouse, production and customer efficiently and securely. We always have all important materials in stock. Based on a longtime network of suppliers, we can also increase availability further on request. Our smart storage logistics allow us to provide our customers with a high level of flexibility. Replacement parts will leave the warehouse in a very short time.


Our wide range of processing methods in Tuttlingen allows us to respond quickly to new innovations and manufacture all key components of our numbering machines and inkjet printers in-house. Our team of highly skilled specialists in Tuttlingen operate state-of-the-art production plants and CNC machining centers in our production process. Thus, we set the highest standards for production quality and achieve short execution times.


LEIBINGER has shortened its delivery times even further in the recent years by consistently and continuously optimizing and restructuring the manufacturing process. Modern production approaches such as lean production, one-piece flow production and Kanban allow us to attain the highest flexibility possible for customer requirements with increasing quality results.
Our assembly handles the installation of individual components into end products or assemblies. This relies on precise work—both when installing our inkjet printers as well as in the mechanics and/or electronics of the numbering machines. We also ensure error-free commissioning of LEIBINGER printers in testing areas. Our quality management is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.


Paul LEIBINGER ships its products throughout the world from Germany. Our experts are aware of all import regulations for ensuring smooth logistics and prepare the shipping papers accordingly. After the numbering machines and inkjet printers have been securely packed, our longtime freight forwarding partner ships LEIBINGER products on schedule. Depending on the country, LEIBINGER or an expert partner on-site takes over the installation of the product upon request. A satisfied customer is what matters in the end!


After actually purchasing the product, you benefit from the longevity and high reliability of LEIBINGER products. We also provide you with comprehensive after-sales service. This includes a longer warranty period than typical for replacement parts, as well as maintenance of products and the technical consultation via our service department and our distribution network. Learn more about LEIBINGER service and support here.