Paul LEIBINGER: A German family-owned company writes its success story

Leaving an imprint in history

The original LEIBINGER logo is reminiscent of a gear, reflecting how numbering machines used to work, which in those days were purely mechanical.

In 1948, Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG was established in its original home of Stetten an der Donau, only 7 kilometers from the current headquarters. Company founder Paul Leibinger's vision was to manufacture numbering machines that are durable and reliable and one-of-a-kind in their category. Many further developments, patent applications and renowned LEIBINGER customers quickly confirmed the company's expertise as a numbering machine specialist and turned the vision in a reality. Even today, no company produces a higher volume of numbering machines than Paul LEIBINGER. LEIBINGER numbering systems are state-of-the-art. When a discussion turns to numbering machines in the printing and security industry, the LEIBINGER name is the first to come to mind. 




Paul Leibinger
Company founder Paul Leibinger

Numbering machines provide worldwide growth

After the passing of the company founder in 1963, son Günther Leibinger took over, continuing to steer the numbering machine manufacturer on its course of success. The company expanded to facilities in Stetten, Renquishausen, Mahlstetten and Tuttlingen. In 1972, the company experienced its greatest success: LEIBINGER became the exclusive supplier of numbering machines for the Heidelberg GTO machine.

The foundation for international trade was laid at the same time: Numbering machines were manufactured according to American workmanship, subsidiaries in the USA were founded, companies acquired and a global distributor network was established gradually.




Inkjet printer and camera systems complete the portfolio

Along with the traditional area of numbering machines, LEIBINGER began developing camera systems for verification in 1992. In 1996, industrial inkjet printers became the third product area to be added. This helped LEIBINGER make a unique name for itself in all divisions and achieve greater success. As a German manufacturer, LEIBINGER represents the highest quality, then as now. The inkjet printers also allow LEIBINGER to demonstrate flexibility, innovative spirit and customer satisfaction in dynamic markets. A high-degree of reliability and user-friendliness have been the objective starting with first model, the Codi-Jet. These ideals remain fully intact to this day in the form of the JET3up and JET2neo.




A new Leibinger generation takes the helm

Since 1999, all German locations and product areas of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG have been merged into a single, 10,000 m2 location in Tuttlingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). There is also a subsidiary in East Troy, Wisconsin (United States). In 2010, Christina Leibinger joined Günther Leibinger and Horst Schoch in management. Thus, the tradition-based company will stay in the family into the future. This allows economic as well as social aspects to be taken into account and ensures sustainable corporate growth.


The most important dates in the company's history

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1948Unternehmensgründung durch Paul Leibinger in Stetten a.d. Donau und Start der Nummerierwerksproduktion
1960 Gründung einer Niederlassung in Tuttlingen
1963 Günther Leibinger übernimmt die Geschäftsführung nach dem Tod seines Vaters Paul Leibinger
1972 Großdurchbruch: Enge Verbindung zum Druckmaschinenhersteller „Heidelberg“. Exklusiver Lieferant für Heidelberg GTO Maschine.
1974 Gründung von Tochterunternehmen in den USA
1978 Einstieg in die Elektronik bei den Nummerierwerken: Elektronische Überwachung
1979 Vorstellung einer neuen Nummerierwerks-Generation mit Steuerung, Überwachung und Prüfziffersystem
1982 Das erste motorengetriebene Nummerierwerk für die Scheckpersonifizierung in den USA wird auf der Messe „drupa“ vorgestellt
1992 Produktionsstart der LEIBINGER Kamerasysteme
1996 Produktionsstart von industriellen Inkjet-Druckern
1999 Umzug in das neue Werk in Tuttlingen im Industriegebiet Nord (Konzentration der bisher vier deutschen Standorte an einen)
2004 Markteinführung: LEIBINGER JET2SE
2006 Zertifizierung des Qualitätsmanagements durch die DQS, mittlerweile nach der ISO 9001 : 2015
2008 Markteinführung: LEIBINGER JET3 – High-End-Inkjet-Drucker
2010 Christina Leibinger, dritte Generation der Familie Leibinger, tritt in die Geschäftsleitung mit ein
2010 Markteinführung: LENservo – innovatives Nummeriersystem für den Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruck
2010 Markteinführung JET2neo – Allround-Inkjet-Drucker
2012 Markteinführung LENservoC
2013 Markteinführung LENservoP
2014 Globale Markteinführung JET2neoS
2015 Globale Markteinführung des JET3up Inkjet-Druckers, dieser ersetzt das bisherige LEIBINGER Erfolgsmodell JET3
1948      Company founded by Paul Leibinger in Stetten an der Donau, Germany and numbering machine production is launched
1960Plant founded in Tuttlingen
1963Günther Leibinger takes over management after death of this father, Paul Leibinger
1972Major breakthrough: Close relationship with the printing machine manufacturer "Heidelberg". Exclusive supplier of Heidelberg GTO machines.
1974Branch office founded in the USA
1978Introduction of electronics for numbering machines: Electronic monitoring
1979Introduction of a new numbering machine generation with control, monitoring and check digit system
1982The first motor driven numbering machine for check numbering in the USA is introduced at the "drupa" trade show
1992Product launch of LEIBINGER camera system
1996Product launch of industrial inkjet printers
1999Move into the new plant in Tuttlingen in "Industriegebiet Nord" (merging the previous four German locations into one)
2004Market launch: LEIBINGER JET2SE
2006Certification of quality management by the DQS, now in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015
2008Market launch: LEIBINGER JET3 – High-end inkjet printer
2010Christina Leibinger, from the third generation of the Leibinger family, joined the management
2010Market launch: LENservo – innovative numbering system for banknote and security printing
2010JET2neo market launch – all-purpose inkjet printer
2012LENservoCmarket launch

LENservoPmarket launch


Jubilee - 65 year anniversary of Paul LEIBINGER

2014Global JET2neoS market launch
2015Global market launch of the JET3up inkjet printer, which is replacing the current successful LEIBINGER JET3 model