Environmental protection and social responsibility

Sustainability at Paul LEIBINGER

Sustainability – For Paul LEIBINGER, this important concept means assuming environmental and social responsibility as well as responsibility for the continued success of the company, customers, partners and, last but not least, for employees. As a family-run company, this idea defines our day-to-day actions and is an integral part of our company policy. We aspire to create a balance between people, the environment and profitability.


An ecological concept brought to life

LEIBINGER developed a key ecological concept for production that embodies the concept of protecting the environment while also ensuring the company's competitiveness. Our ecological policies are based on two fundamental principles: We only use environmentally sound production methods. The inkjet printers are designed to have factors that help protect the environment. 

Environmental protection in our production methods and in our buildings

  • Solar energy: LEIBINGER has been producing energy using in-house photovoltaic systems since 1999.
  • Heat recovery: We utilize waste heat and have a combined heat and power plant.
  • Cleaning system: We reduce solvent emissions using reverse distillation.
  • Recycling resources: We properly sort, separate and recycle waste products.
  • Effective production planning: LEIBINGER works towards optimizing the usage and operating times its hardening shops, metal refining systems, heating, ventilation and compressors.
  • Decontaminated wastewater: We neutralize our wastewater so that it does not affect the environment.
  • Smart lighting: A smart light control system perfectly utilizes daylight.

Environmentally friendly features of LEIBINGER products

  • Low energy consumption and long service life due to optimized switch on times for LEIBINGER inkjet printers.
  • Compliance with EU regulations: REACH and RoHS.
  • Resource saving service for LEIBINGER inkjet printers.
  • EcoSolv reduces solvent consumption for our inkjet printers.

Partners for our employees, customers and suppliers

Reliability and trust are virtues that LEIBINGER employees, customers and suppliers expect from a family business—and justifiably so! We have been living and cultivating these attributes since our founding in 1948.

We see our staff as our most important capital. Therefore, we provide our staff with an attractive work environment in a "winning culture". Ultimately, our staff's wealth of knowledge benefits customers who receive our innovative product quality. We see ourselves as a trendsetter and trustworthy partner for our customers in regards to both consultation and service.

We strongly value our successful, long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers!


The promise at our location

The municipality of Tuttlingen has been the headquarters of Paul LEIBINGER from the beginning and will continue to be in the future. This is a promise that we give to our employees, the region, and also our customers that value the quality production of LEIBINGER products that comes with being made in Germany. To do so, we conduct business in a forward thinking manner and think in both economic and social terms.

The promise at our location is also to prize and protect the beautiful natural environment in our region. Therefore, this ecological concept is a labor of love for Paul LEIBINGER. The headquarters is embedded in the idyllic Danube valley and surrounded by the most famous landscapes in Germany. The impressive rock formations and romantic winding river in the Danube valley, the views of the Black Forest and vastness of the Lake Constance are priceless commodities that shape how LEIBINGER does business.