Award for "Distributor with the Highest Growth Rate" given out for the first time


The Polish company Victor Ink Jet System Service has received the LEIBINGER "Distributor with the Highest Growth Rate in Europe for 2013" award.

This was the first year this category was a part of the annual LEIBINGER Distributor Award. "We simply had to recognize and reward Victor's success and dedication in the past year. Numerous new and existing Victor customers opted for the LEIBINGER JET3 and JET2neo series of inkjet printers in 2013," Alexander Deuchert, LEIBINGER Sales Director for Marking & Coding, explained.

Victor Sales Manager Tomasz Ratajczak and his team showed their enthusiasm at the awards ceremony at the LEIBINGER corporate headquarters in Tuttlingen: "This award inspires us to reach even higher levels of performance in the current year!"