Awards for the best inkjet distributors in Asia and Europe


At the awards ceremony (from left to right): Tim Richards (Sales Manager, Leibinger Group), Alexander Deuchert (Sales Director, Leibinger Group), Horst Schoch (Managing Director Finance, Leibinger Group), Zeki Bülent Yagli (CEO and owner), Idil Yagli (General Coordinator, Teknosin), Murat Ünsal (Head of Sales & Marketing, Teknosin)

At the awards ceremony (from left to right): Patrick Quentin (Sales Manager, Leibinger Group), Pierrick Poncet (Technician, Encore), Xavier Dupuy (Sales, Encore), Janyck Seigle (Managing Director, Encore)

At the awards ceremony (from left to right): Dr. Chun Ho Yam (Xianhong), Benno Errenst (Sales Manager, Leibinger Gruppe), Jeff Chen (Sales Director, Xianhong), Alexander Deuchert (Sales Director, Leibinger Gruppe), Jason Chen (Xianhong), Tony Ng (Xianhong), Henry Hung (Xianhong)

At the awards ceremony (from left to right): Alexander Deuchert (Sales Director, Leibinger Gruppe),Aditya Bhave (Indomax), Benno Errenst (Sales Manager, Leibinger Gruppe), N S Deshpande (CEO, Indomax)

Leibinger inkjet printers are used for the reliable coding and marking of products in over 150 countries around the world. This is only possible thanks to the excellent commitment of Leibinger's worldwide distributor network. Leibinger’s management and sales team have once again personally honoured outstanding achievements with awards.

Awards and certificates were presented to the following Distributors:

Best Distributor in Europe 2018:                                            

Highest Growth in Europe 2018:
ENCORE Marquage from France

Best Distributor in Asia 2018:
Inner Mongolia Xianhong from China
Highest Growth in Asia 2018:
Indomax from India

The award-winning companies were delighted to receive the prizes. Leibinger thanked the distributors for successfully installing ist printers in production facilities and for offering certified service, and looks forward to ongoing successful collaboration in the future.