Creating marking and coding printouts on the computer even more efficiently


LEIBINGER is introducing two new functions for the JETedit3 production planning program.

LEIBINGER improved the JETedit3 production planning program for the JET3 industrial inkjet printer. The software can be used to prepare marking and coding printouts entirely separate from the printer (e.g. at a computer in the office) and to send the printouts to up to 16 printers via an Ethernet or RS232 connection.

In addition to the two new functions, Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG also lowered the price for the JETedit3 software. This allows the company from Tuttlingen in southern Germany to combine its efforts to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with constant product optimization. JETedit3 allows you to prepare, save or copy print jobs with graphics, logos, variable data, codes, text, expiration dates and much more on any computer and then to send the jobs to connected JET3 printers. The program now provides customers even more comfort and efficiency when generating marking printouts thanks to two new functions.

The first new function is used to determine the ink consumption. The JETedit3 program allows you to see how many drops of ink a job consumes immediately. This can be used to determine quickly how many printouts can be implemented, for example, with one liter of ink. You no longer have to carry out the laborious task of counting printer-dots manually for a consumption calculation.

The newest version of the production planning program also features a function for calculating the maximum production speed. It directly displays which maximum speed is reached with the parameters currently configured. This lets you immediately check if the print jobs can be implemented at the speed of the production line. You no longer need to make the trip from the office to the small character inkjet printer for the verification!

You can download the PDF in our press area.