Eggshell ink, edible ink and two MEK-free ink-jet inks


The LEIBINGER product range now includes four new inks for its ink-jet printers.

For the industrial ink-jet printers JET3 and JET2neo the company Paul LEIBINGER now offers two FDA-compliant inks and two additional MEK-free inks. The four new inks facilitate compliance with standards for the food industry and standards relating to solvents containing MEK.

One of the new red inks is especially suitable for the marking of eggs. The eggshell ink meets the stringent requirements set by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Even if the ink were to get inside the shell, the egg would still be absolutely safe to eat.

In addition to this, the LEIBINGER range now includes a blue ink which is FDA-compliant. The ethanol-based ink is edible after printing and can therefore be used for food packaging as well as direct printing on food products. LEIBINGER customers from the food and beverage industries therefore have more flexible possibilities and can print directly on products for promotional campaigns, for example.

For customers who want to mark their products red or blue, while not wanting or being permitted to use solvents containing MEK, Paul LEIBINGER is now offering two additional MEK-free inks. The new inks are primarily of benefit in regions where the use of solvents containing MEK is banned or only allowed after costly approval processes. Access to MEK is also legally regulated in certain locations, as MEK is also required for the production of drugs. The new inks also an alternative for customers who want to reduce the use of substances containing MEK in their production processes. The inks have good overall adhesion and are suitable for use as universal inks.

All of the new inks are tested in detail in the LEIBINGER testing laboratory, satisfy the strict LEIBINGER quality criteria and have an excellent print quality.

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