Interpack and Tube & Wire: LEIBINGER camera systems and inkjet printers


In spring, Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG is present at two international trade fairs in Düsseldorf.

At the Tube and Wire trade shows (from April 7th to 11th, 2014) and the Interpack trade show (from May 8th to 14th, 2014) presents marking & coding specialist Paul LEIBINGER its series JET3 and JET2neo of industrial inkjet printers with integrated automated "Sealtronic" nozzle seal. This unique technology prevents the ink in a printer from drying out even during prolonged breaks in production. Visitors can see how "Sealtronic" works in live demonstrations. At the booth will be also information on the LEIBINGER camera system LKS 5, which checks printouts and creates job logs.

The automated "Sealtronic" nozzle seal allows Paul LEIBINGER to meet the highest standards of reliability for industrial inkjet printers. Using the Sealtronic system, the nozzle and gutter form an airtight circuit whenever the printer is not being used for coding. No ink can leak out of the circuit and no air can get in. This keeps the ink fluid at all times – just like a sealed paint can – and the CIJ printer is always ready to go. Just a single push of a button starts the LEIBINGER printer, and it is ready to print in less than a minute. All LEIBINGER small character inkjet printers from the JET3 and JET2neo series come standard with the automated "Sealtronic" nozzle seal! Two particular variants of the JET3 series are ideal for Tube and Wire trade show visitors, who code products made from plastic, rubber, wire or metal: The JET3pi works perfectly with contrast inks, which are frequently necessary for printing light colors on dark substrates. The JET3mi lets you print incredibly small print images. The LEIBINGER JET3pro is particularly well-suited for the packaging, food and beverage industry. The printer features the IP65 protection class, making it ideal for wet or dusty production environments.

In addition to the "Sealtronic" nozzle seal, professional visitors at the LEIBINGER trade show booth can learn about the specific benefits inkjet printers can provide for their industry.

For the visitors of the Interpack presents LEIBINGER four new inks for inkjet printers: Two MEK-free inks in red and blue and two inks that meet the strict requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The first FDA-compliant ink is specifically suited for coding eggshells. The second FDA-compliant ink can be used for coding foodstuffs directly, e.g. for promotional activities. The ink is also ideal for applications that contact foodstuffs directly, such as coding the insides of food packaging. Consuming the ink is completely safe.

For the visitors of the Wire is interesting, that the LEIBINGER JET3 is in a position to take over control of upstream and downstream units. The Speed Dependent Output function allows the printer to control aspects such as plasma pretreatment for cable coding based on production speed. If the production speed of the extrusion line drops below a specified value, the JET3 printer automatically switches off the plasma unit until the line returns to a higher production speed.

LEIBINGER inkjet coders can print on any conceivable products such as carton, plastic, metal or glass and materials, no matter whether the surfaces are flat, rough or convex. Imprinting is based on the continuous inkjet principle: No contact during ongoing production while using quick-drying inks. Sample patterns and patterns brought by customers will be printed at the trade show booth.

The LEIBINGER camera system LKS 5 is a versatile verification system for a multitude of uses and is also being presented at the two trade shows in spring. The LKS 5 reads and checks both fixed and variable data, text segments and barcodes. In addition, variable data can be calibrated using a database. Job logging, which can serve as verification during production, is available as an option.

Visitors to the LEIBINGER booth at Tube and Wire can see in person how a cable on a winder is labeled by inkjet printers on the fly with the imprint checked by a camera system immediately afterwards. The LKS 5 image processing system excels at checking inkjet labels with the utmost reliability. Close cooperation by Research and Development within the company while further developing LEIBINGER camera systems and inkjet printers makes this possible. The LKS 5 can also be used to read bright text on dark backgrounds.

As an added value for the packaging industry is the LKS 5 may able to detect register deviations or changes in parallelism based on preset reference values. The system also checks the presence and precise positioning of dispensed products like cards or samples. The LEIBINGER controller is used to reliably activate ejection devices.

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