LEIBINGER distributor convention in Asia features honors


The honorees of the Distributor Award 2015 in Asia join LEIBINGER Sales Director Alexander Deuchert and Area Sales Manager Hendric Schneider.

At this year's conference in Asia, Paul LEIBINGER presented two of its Asian distributors with awards for their outstanding performance in 2015. Chinese company Shenzhen Xianghong Heiro New Marking Science earned the LEIBINGER Award for Best Distributor of 2015 in the Asia-Pacific region and Truong Thinh Technical, from host country Vietnam, won the award for Best Growth Rate in 2015.

In November 2016, numerous LEIBINGER dealers from throughout the Asia-Pacific region met in Nha Trang, a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. The attraction was the popular and eagerly awaited LEIBINGER Distributor Meeting. Held every other year, the meeting offers LEIBINGER distributors a platform to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and transfer knowledge. Paul LEIBINGER presents its new products, offers technical training courses and sets up an extensive supporting program for all participants.

LEIBINGER Sales Director Alexander Deuchert and Area Sales Manager Hendric Schneider took advantage of the opportunity to thank all distributors and present two LEIBINGER Distributor Awards for their outstanding achievements in 2015.

The award for "Best Distributor in Asia 2015" went to Shenzhen Xianghong Heiro New Marking Science, based in China. Dr. Edmond Ho was extremely pleased to accept the award along with Dr. Chun Ho Yam and Dr. Victor Li. Sales Manager Hendric Schneider highlighted the company's innovative ability and orientation towards future-oriented technologies, such as Industry 4.0. "LEIBINGER printers feature state-of-the-art communication with other networked machines in the production process as well as individual marking and tracking of each individual marked product. Xianghong Heiro consistently pursues this strategy, steadily driving it forward."

The representatives of Truong Thinh Technical, the distributor based in host country Vietnam, expressed their surprise and pride at being named "Distributor with the Highest Growth Rate 2015." Managing Director Phang Nguyen Than Phong Nam accepted the LEIBINGER Award along with five other staffers. As a premier distributor in Asia, Truong is a highly esteemed and reliable partner for Paul LEIBINGER. Sales Manager Hendric Schneider expresses the happy occasion behind the award, stating, "After a realignment of the company and internal optimization of the company's processes, Truong reaped the fruits of this strategy change in 2015 and increased its growth to date significantly. Compared to the rest of Asia, this was an exceptional increase in results and we recognized it with the corresponding award."