LEIBINGER distributor convention in South America with honors


The participants of this year's LEIBINGER distributor convention in Latin America.

The LEIBINGER sales branch in the USA honored its best inkjet distributor. As part of the Latin American distributor convention for Paul LEIBINGER Inc., IDICSA from Mexico was recognized as the "Best Distributor of the Year 2015." RINTECO LTDA from Ecuador and ELECTRONICA PROFESIONAL from Mexico received awards for "Outstanding Performance."

The Latin American LEIBINGER Distributor Convention, which takes place once every two years, is always one of the high points of the year, both for the LEIBINGER branch in East Troy, Wisconsin as well as for its South American distributors. This year, the distributors in Costa Rica were given exclusive information and training regarding the innovations of LEIBINGER. Additionally, there were a wide variety of leisure activities the distributors were able to partake in along with the LEIBINGER team.

The presentation of the three distributor awards with beautiful Costa Rica as a backdrop was a special moment during the event. Jan van het Reve, CEO Americas of LEIBINGER Group and Jan Visser, Vice President & General Manager of Paul LEIBINGER Inc. and his team presented the awards during an evening program.

IDICSA started selling LEIBINGER printers in 2009 and has ended up among the top three Latin American distributors every year since. The responsible sales manager Luis Fernandez emphasized how proud he was of his distributor while receiving the "Best Distributor of the Year 2015." The company from Mexico impressed him in the course of labeling projects in a wide variety of industries.

RINTECO from Ecuador also received multiple LEIBINGER awards and is showing continuous company growth. "RINTECOS customers include, among others, major food and drink brands," explained sales manager Martin Romero during the presentation of the award for "Outstanding Performance."

ELECTRONICA PROFESIONAL has been an official LEIBINGER distributor since 2005 and was also distinguished with an award this year for "Outstanding Performance." In addition to its turnover, the Mexican company features a highly knowledgeable team.