LEIBINGER European/African distributor convention features honors


The honorees of the distributor award 2015 in Europe/Africa join LEIBINGER Sales Director Alexander Deuchert and Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin.

At its 2016 European/African distributor meeting in Tenerife, Spain, Paul LEIBINGER presented two of its European and two of its African distributors with awards for their outstanding performance in 2015. The prize for "Best Distributor of the Year 2015" went to Zenith Precision from Nigeria and Teknosin from Turkey. Distinctions for "Highest Growth Rate 2015" were presented to Sweden's INK Service and Marking Solutions from South Africa. In addition, Paul LEIBINGER recognized its Czech distributor, Leonardo, for its creativity and innovative capacity.

The ocean, palm trees and a very special distributor meeting – a wide variety of distributors took up Paul LEIBINGER's invitation to the 2016 European/African distributor meeting. The interaction between Paul LEIBINGER and its distributors is at the fore of the event, held every two years. For three days, participants focus on new products, successes and challenges. A variety of activities foster a sense of camaraderie and ensure that there is plenty of time for fun.

Paul LEIBINGER took advantage of the unmatched natural beauty of sunny Tenerife to thank its distributors for a successful 2015 and for outstanding collaboration. Four distributors earned special accolades in 2015. LEIBINGER Sales Director Alexander Deuchert and Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin honored them with a distributor award for their outstanding achievements.

"Best Distributor 2015"

"In 2015, Zenith Precision gained a few significant major customers in the Nigerian market, which is exceptionally difficult and competitive," says Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin. Thanks to numerous LEIBINGER training sessions, Managing Director Idowu Yekeen was later able to persuade his customers of the great reliability of LEIBINGER printers and the significantly higher productivity they provide. For this outstanding achievement, Zenith Precision earned the LEIBINGER Award as "Best African Distributor 2015".

For the second year in a row, TEKNOSİN Kodlama Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. from Turkey won the award for "Best European Distributor". LEIBINGER Sales Director Alexander Deuchert praised this as an "outstanding achievement that could not be more thoroughly earned." He described how in the 15 years of the companies’ loyal business relationship, TEKNOSIN has regularly demonstrated its strengths in terms of both sales and technology in marking systems and LEIBINGER inkjet printers.

"Highest Growth Rate 2015"

The award for "Highest African Growth Rate 2015" went to Trevor James, Managing Director of South Africa-based Marking Solutions. "In 2015, Marking Solutions closed a deal with a global player thanks to LEIBINGER printers," says Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin. James has applied his vast knowledge of the marking industry as a LEIBINGER distributor since 2008.

The award for "Highest European Growth Rate 2015" went to Swedish LEIBINGER distributor INK Service & Systems AB. Managing Director Ulf Cajbrandt was extremely pleased to accept the award with Johan Nyström. Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin highlighted the company's 30-year experience in the marking industry. Along with the comprehensive knowledge of LEIBINGER inkjet printers, this was the key factor for success in 2015.

Award for "Most Innovative Distributor Worldwide"

In December 2015, Paul LEIBINGER gave the first award for "Most Innovative Distributor Worldwide 2014/2015" to Leonardo technology s.r.o. At the LEIBINGER European/Asian Distributor Meeting in Tenerife, Sales Director Alexander Deuchert again praised the inkjet dealer's creativity in implementing customer requirements. This is of huge significance for surviving in international competition.