Leonardo is awarded a new prize thanks to innovative applications


Service Manager Jaroslav Čermák, CEO Marek Haumer, CEO Christina Leibinger, CEO Lubos Glier, Sales Manager Alexander Deuchert and Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin.

This year, Paul LEIBINGER presented the "Most innovative distributor worldwide 2014/2015" award for the first time, which was awarded to Leonardo technology s.r.o.

"Leonardo has implemented three excellent customer requirements and marking ideas that were complex and the results were entirely convincing. We just had to reward their efforts in this area!", explains Sales Director Alexander Deuchert.

Among other challenges, the inkjet distributor from the Czech Republic and Slovakia tackled the requirement of a large industry group: Using a LEIBINGER inkjet printer, dry wall boards are now printed there in such a way that an image with a logo appears when they are stacked. Leonardo technology s.r.o. also used the font editor in the LEIBINGER JET3 to create a separate font for customers for marking their products. This special font and the additional advantages of the LEIBINGER printer helped the distributor to acquire the prospect as a major customer. As a function integrated in the JET3 and JET3up by default, Leonardo technology s.r.o. highlighted the font editor options by creating a handwriting font. "We are happy that Leonardo has made a habit of introducing innovative ideas and functions that positively influence our product development", said Area Sales Manager Patrick Quentin, thanking the company at the awards ceremony in Tuttlingen, Germany.