Marking eggs and packaging


LEIBINGER egg printer: JET3up EP and JET2neoEP

LEIBINGER egg printer: JET3up EP and JET2neoEP

Tuttlingen, Germany, February 23, 2017 – The German marking specialist Paul LEIBINGER now has inkjet printers specifically developed for marking of eggs and egg packs available in its product portfolio. Egg producers enjoy the benefits of full integration into egg sorting and packaging machines from the Moba Group.

The new JET3up EP and JET2neoEP (EP stands for Egg Printer) inkjet printer models from Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG provide all egg producers with two fast, flexible and reliable marking systems for their eggs and packaging. The manufacturer code, the laying date and other production-related data are printed reliably on the eggshells or egg packaging thanks to the contactless continuous inkjet imprinting. This ensures that up to 252,000 eggs per hour can be marked and coded using eight lanes and eight printers.

Egg sorting and packaging machines from the Moba Group (Moba/Diamond) provide tremendous advantages for the operator thanks to the complete integration of LEIBINGER egg printers. Plug-and-play makes connection a breeze using the supplied installation kit, which includes all required interfaces and connections. The central management of various print jobs, which the egg sorting machine sends to the respective printers, results in a significant reduction in workload. This ensures that all changes to the printer data for all connected inkjet printers are applied automatically or the best before dates are updated automatically. In short, complete integration ensures the accurate imprinting of eggs using egg-specific data.

The Paul LEIBINGER product range includes food-grade inks specifically for direct imprinting on eggs in compliance with the stringent requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Egg producers also enjoy the benefits of the recently developed, extra short LEIBINGER elbow printhead. This printhead can be integrated into even the narrowest of spaces in the egg sorting machine to imprint eggs from above (top imprinting). Imprinting from end to end and on the front or bottom side are also common practices and can be easily implemented using the flexible LEIBINGER printhead variants.

Since egg dust occurs as a result of egg production and more frequent cleaning processes are common, Paul LEIBINGER offers the optional IP65 protection class against dust and spray water. All LEIBINGER inkjet printers are equipped with the automated Sealtronic nozzle seal, which prevents the ink in the printhead from drying out even during prolonged downtime.