New inks simplify non-contact product marking


New Inks for inkjet printers

Markings on a wide range of products such as packaging, cables, and pipes with the new inks for LEIBINGER inkjet printers.

Paul LEIBINGER has launched six new inks for its inkjet printers, thereby providing more opportunities for non-contact product marking during production. For example plastic products which have been hard to print in the past can now be coded.

The new black adhesive ink is ideal for permanently marking products made from PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and OPP (oriented polypropylene). Until now imprints on these materials with conventional inks have rubbed off easily or offered very limited protection against scratching with normal use. Imprints with the new adhesive ink from LEIBINGER on the other hand show extremely good adhesion and abrasion resistance.

LEIBINGER now also supplies a heat-curing, white-pigmented ink especially for dark PA (polyamide) surfaces. When producing PA pipes, the marking is applied immediately after extrusion and then dried and cured automatically as the product passes through the downstream flame tunnel, making it particularly adhesive.

A new silver gray ink can be used for both light and dark surfaces. So just one printer is needed when marking products and packaging of different colors on one production line. The pigmented ink appears almost white on black surfaces and gray on white ones.

LEIBINGER has a new security ink for marking products requiring counterfeit protection. The black, pigmented ink appears green fluorescent under UV light. The authenticity of the printed coding can therefore be checked under UV light with a special wavelength, where it should no longer appear black but green fluorescent. Using the new pigmented ink, the LEIBINGER inkjet printer JET3up PI not only makes possible serialization but also another means of preventing product imitations. A GS1 barcode printed with the security ink improves counterfeit protection several times over.

What's more, LEIBINGER now also has a new MEK-free, green pigmented and a light yellow, pigmented MEK ink. Both inks produce a brilliant color imprint, even on dark backgrounds.

The new inks were developed especially for LEIBINGER inkjet printers. All LEIBINGER printers are fitted with the automatic Sealtronic nozzle seal as standard. This system prevents ink from drying even during long pauses in production. The German-engineered printers are therefore ready for use at the touch of a button at all times. Upon request, the printer model from the JET3up and JET2neo series and the ink best suited to a customer's requirements can be determined. Around 100 distributors worldwide advise LEIBINGER customers on-site, provide no-obligation print samples, and ensure optimum service.