saves money and protects the environment

The EcoSolv solvent recycling system ensures LEIBINGER inkjet printers consume the smallest possible amount of solvent. A JET3up or JET2neo series printer with EcoSolv consumes up to 50% less solvent. EcoSolv recovers the evaporated solvent from the printer exhaust air through condensation and directs it back into the supply tank. Solvent recovery allows you to save cash and protect the environment!

  • Less solvent used in production
  • Less storage
  • Reduced waste
  • Longer intervals between refills
  • Substantial overall financial savings

Responsible handling of solvents protects our environment! LEIBINGER JET3up and JET2neo inkjet printers require less solvent when using the EcoSolv system. The graphic illustrates solvent consumption with and without EcoSolv.

EcoSolv was developed specifically for use in environments with high temperatures (>20 °C, >70 °F). Evaporation and solvent consumption increase drastically at high temperatures such as these. In these cases, LEIBINGER EcoSolv uses solvent recovery to consume up to 50% less solvent than would normally be used otherwise.

The solvent recycling system has countless benefits and can be used with all common colored standard inks.

The EcoSolv solvent recycling system is available as an equipment option for new LEIBINGER inkjet printers or as a retrofit kit for existing LEIBINGER devices from the current series (models: JET3, JET3mi, JET2neo, JET2neoS). The retrofit kit contains the compact, completely assembled EcoSolv and is attached in the existing mounting position.

  • Save money by consuming less solvent (solvent recovery)
  • Make a valuable contribution to our environment
  • Use up to 50% less solvent
  • Easy integration into LEIBINGER inkjet printers