Installation accessories for easy integration of LEIBINGER printers

Sliding table with print head bracket


The sliding tables with shaft encoders and a mount for the print head are well-suited for workspaces where products are marked by hand. The product is placed on the sliding table and moved from left to right by hand. The product is printed during the motion, precisely controlled by the signals of the integrated shaft encoder.

All parts are available for the JET3up and JET2neo series!

Cable guide with print head bracket


No matter if it is for a product line or a manual workspace: The cable guide allows cables, wires and pipes to move past the print head in a precise, straight line. Printing is enabled via the integrated shaft encoder and kept constant regardless of the respective speed.

All parts are available for the JET3up and JET2neo series!


Printer stand, status lamp and cleaning station


The sturdy stainless-steel printer stand allows LEIBINGER printers to be operated at an ergonomic height and be rolled to a different place at any time. The status lamp makes it easy to see the status of the printer. The cleaning station can be used to clean the print head easily, quickly and reliably.

All parts are available for the JET3up and JET2neo series!


Additional accessories


Additional parts for easy installation of the LEIBINGER inkjet printers can be found in the extensive LEIBINGER spare parts and accessories catalog. Examples include shaft encoders, sensors and much more.

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Quick-snap print head bracket


The print head bracket with quick release makes it possible to remove the print head in seconds without any tools. The entire print head can be removed in one motion and then precisely "clicked" back into the previous position, with repeat accuracy and without readjustment. Overhead applications are one example of use.

Available for the JET3up and JET2neo series!