LEIBINGER camera systems

Presence checks and reliable verification of printed data

Reliable print monitoring and presence checking are a success with LEIBINGER LKS 5 camera verification system and the V-check vision system. The camera systems read and monitor fixed and variable data, text segments, logos and barcodes on the fly and decode them. In addition, the inspection systems allow variable data to be verified using a database. Job, user and production data logging are available as an option. Typical applications of the industrial image processing systems include inspecting product markings, pharmaceutical package inserts, mailings, labels, tickets, safety-relevant products and shipping documents.

The LEIBINGER camera system LKS 5 is a standalone system and due to its flexible and modular design the LEIBINGER camera system can be integrated into nearly any machine. The powerful I/O controller allows a flexible integration for various machine interfaces and tasks, such as driving various divert gates, tracking products, machine stops etc.