Camera verification system

LKS 5 LineScan

The LKS 5 LineScan is a line camera and was specially developed for applications in which large read areas are to be monitored. The camera system detects the moving product seamlessly and monitors multiple objects in independent evaluation windows. Printed numbers, codes or other predefined areas are read, decoded and checked against a reference database on the fly.


The LEIBINGER LKS 5 LineScan inspection system is a secure, versatile and specifically configurable solution for many process steps. Monitor, track and verify a wide variety of product characteristics. Typical applications for the system include safety labels, tax labels, lottery tickets, cards, shipping documents etc.

  • LineScan camera with a resolution of 2048 pixels and 28 kHz line frequency
  • Up to 4096 lines per picture
  • LED light source
  • Graphical user interface (Windows-based)
  • Job management
  • Traceable production documentation
  • Detailed production log & statistics
  • Font and pattern teaching
  • Error picture recording
  • Automatic threshold adaption for every picture shot
  • Demo and learning program


  • LAN / RS232
  • Inputs for camera triggering
  • Two outputs for customer use (e.g. machine stop, alarm)
  • Plain digits with font teaching up to 60 characters
  • Pattern recognition (e.g. logos, labels)
  • Barcode with variable character sequence
  • Large area text inspection, defect detection
  • 1Dbarcodes (Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2/5, CMC 7, )
  • Pharmacode UPC, PostNet code, EAN
  • 2Dbarcodes (DataMatrix, PPN, QR-Code, PDF 417)
  • Other barcodes (optional)
  • Internal synchronization to first result being read
  • Entered by the operator
  • Read from a data file
  • Read in via a data interface
  • Internal precalculation of sequences set by the operator
  • Read from a data file (sequentially or randomly)
  • Read in via a data interface (RS232, LAN)
  • Quality verification of 1D barcodes to ANSI and CEN standards
  • Measurement
  • Check digit verification (modulus)
  • Touch screen
  • LEIBINGER quick support, remote maintenance module
  • Industrial PC for 19” rack mount
  • Customized system cabinets
  • Multiple object tracking simultaneously
  • Many codes, plain text fonts and verification modes built in
  • Error management and reporting
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Multiple source reference data
  • Synchronization to printed object
  • Web or sheet operation
  • Customer-specific solutions on demand