Camera verification system

LKS 5 Security

The LEIBINGER LKS 5 Security camera verification system has been developed specifically for monitoring and tracking security-related products.
In the pharmaceutical industry, the LKS 5 Security provides a validation-compatible platform for your monitoring and verification tasks.
The system is FDA-compliant (US government agency for monitoring the food supply and approving drugs) and can be validated in accordance with CFR Part 11, thereby ensuring proper handling of operating and fault data. All relevant parameters are recorded. The implementation of access and access rights support a safe and transparent production. The event monitor provides all data in a retraceable way.
The powerful I/O controller enables you to trigger a machine stop, marking or reliable rejection of objects with errors. Customized solutions can be realized easily due to the flexible design.


The LEIBINGER LKS 5 Security inspection system is a secure, versatile and specifically configurable solution for all process steps. Monitor, track and verify a wide variety of products, such as packaging inserts, packages for pharmaceutical products, labels, lottery tickets, license keys, banknotes, credit cards or phone cards, stocks and bonds, tickets, codes and other characteristics.

  • Multi-camera design
  • LED illumination
  • Up to 50 pictures per second and camera
  • Up to 8 object windows per camera
  • Graphical user interface (Windows-based)
  • Job management
  • Retraceable production documentation with detailed log and statistics
  • Font and pattern teaching
  • User management and logging
  • Error picture recording
  • Automatic adjustment to lighting fluctuation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant according to FDA guidelines
  • Demo and training program


  • LAN / RS232
  • Inputs for camera triggering
  • Various hardware interface signals (e. g. machine stop, alarm, activating diverters, good & bad read signals, encoder interface etc.)
  • External data interface
  • Plain digits with variable character sequence (numbers)
  • Plain text with fixed or variable character sequence (numbers, letters, special characters)
  • Pattern recognition (e.g. logos, labels)
  • Barcode with variable character sequence
  • Presence check
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Code 128
  • CMC7
  • Postnet
  • EAN
  • Pharmacode
  • Additional codes such as 2D codes (DataMatrix, PDF417, PPN Code, QR-Code)
  • Internal synchronization to first result being read
  • Read from a data file
  • Read in via a data interface
  • Internal precalculation of sequences set by the operator
  • Read from a data file (sequentially or randomly)
  • Read in via a data interface (RS232, LAN)
  • Pre-set by operator
  • Classification of barcodes according to ANSI and CEN standards
  • Measurement
  • LEIBINGER quick support, remote maintenance module
  • Additional reading windows
  • Verification of check digits (modulus)
  • Touch screen
  • Industrial PC for 19“ rack mount
  • Customized system cabinet
  • Controller for activating diverters
  • Customized adaptations are possible anytime to cover your application 100%.
  • Individual determination of the “Security Policy”
  • Electronic signature
  • Secure handling of your data content
  • Secure communication with external sources
  • Complete logging of user interaction and production data
  • Access system to secure your data content
  • Reference data from different sources
  • Encrypted log and user data
  • Customer-friendly graphical user interface
  • Powerful I/O controller for easy and complete integration of hardware signals
  • Inkjet-optimized reading modes for reliable detection of inkjet fonts
  • Semi-automated setup