Nozzle sizes

for every marking requirement

The LEIBINGER JET3up inkjet printer can be equipped with up to five different nozzle sizes. This allows LEIBINGER customers to find the right nozzle size for their marking task at all times. The nozzle size can be selected from the start, but can also be changed later. This lets you stay flexible if print requirements change.


The selection of different nozzle sizes for the LEIBINGER JET3up makes it possible to match the respective print requirement very precisely. Nozzle sizes 35 μm , 40 μm, 50 μm, 60 μm and 70 μm are available. The 35μm nozzles are well-suited for fine and small micro-printing. The 70 μm nozzle size is recommended for tasks such as large print or if the product surface is extremely absorbent or roughly structured. We would be happy to perform a no-obligation test print on your product to determine which of the five nozzle sizes is best suited for your marking task. Request a sample today!