LEIBINGER JET Rapid Wire high-speed printer

Cable printing at 1OOO m/min

  • Non-impact marking and coding with up to 1000 m/min

  • 2 high-speed printheads for different industries and applications

  • Clearly legible printouts, even at very high production speeds


These are the ideal printers for cables, pipes and wires, with ultra-high throughput and maximum extrusion productivity. They can reliably keep up with required production speeds and always produce easily legible imprints.

The printers from the JET Rapid Wire series are the first inkjet printers to match the high speeds of cable marking. With these inkjet printers, you can fully capitalize on your productivity. Extremely fast marking will significantly speed up your production process and increase the efficiency of the production line.

At printing speeds of up to 1000 m/min (60km/h), you can still print clearly legible characters on a wide variety of surfaces and materials without contact. Whether cables, pipes or wires – the JET Rapid Wire is ideal to successfully take on your challenge.

  • Special printhead for non-impact single-line printing at very high speeds
  • Comes standard with  two different printhead covers - for any application the right printhead cover

The extremly high marking and coding speeds provided by the JET Rapid Wire allows an significantly accelerated  production process. This will increase the efficiency of the production line and your added value.

Interfaces such as Ethernet and I/O signals enable you to fully integrate the JET Rapid Wire into your application and to benefit from its more than 800 functions. Software updates are included in the JET Rapid Wire – for the entire service life of the printer. Even the compact print heads with stainless steel housing seamlessly adapt to your system – in any mounting position, and even for overhead applications.

  • Increased production thanks to the highest printing speeds
  • High-quality printouts– Clearly legible even at print speeds of up to 1000 m/min

The JET Rapid, like all Leibinger continuous inkjet printers, is equipped with the SEALTRONIC automatic nozzle sealing system.

With this unique technology, the gutter is moved to the nozzle when the printer is switching off during planned printing downtimes.This creates an airtight ink circuit, whereby the ink does not dry in the print head. The CIJ printer is always ready for use, and time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning are no longer needed.

With  SEALTRONIC, your printer is always ready for use – even after work breaks or longer downtimes.

  • 100% secure protection from ink nozzles blocking. No drying out of ink.
  • Maintenance-free starting without rinsing cycles
  • Instant initialization with reliable print quality
  • No more need for labor-intensive cleaning
  • Production losses can be consistently prevented
  • Uses fewer consumables
  • Just a single push of a button starts the JET RAPID Wire, and it is ready to print in less than a minute.
  • Intuitive use with the Windows-based 10.4” touch display
  • Large operating elements and wide variety of menu languages
  • Custom user interface with indicators for filling levels and printing speed
  • Customizable quick access buttons
  • Illustrated prompts
  • Special extremely fast-drying inks with exceptional adhesion, with no transfer
  • EcoSolv, solvent recycling system
  • Electronic fan housing for extremely hot environments
  • Expanded computer software solutions
  • JETmotion linear system
  • Single-line printing with speeds of up to 1000 m/min
  • Special extremely fast-drying inks with exceptional adhesion, with no transfer
  • Absolute reliability, thanks to production based on the Leibinger quality standard
  • Sealtronic technology, unique in the industry, prevents inks from drying out
  • Permanent availability without prior cleaning, even after breaks in production
  • Intuitive, fully customizable Windows-based user interface on user-friendly 10.4" touch display
  • Industry-specific tools and customizable buttons for direct access