Designs for maximum running life

Banknote printing is one of the specific areas where number and letter wheels on numbering machines have to meet very specialized requirements. In particular:

  • Ability to print for prolonged lifetimes (durability)
  • Resistance to wear and tear from highly abrasive printing inks

This is why numbering machine specialist Paul LEIBINGER has developed three special number and letter wheel designs. Each of the three designs described below consists of a specially developed material/coating combination.
We would be happy to advise you on which design is best suited to your requirements. Simply contact us, either on the left using direct contact or through the contact form.


This is an upgraded version of our standard design for rotary numbering machines involved in security printing. The design has been proven millions of times over in actual production environments and is ideal for all common applications.

  • Made of special high-quality steel
  • Hardened
  • Hard chrome-plated
  • Surface color: Silver

Our LES-DS numbering machine design is ideal for situations that call for durability, including when using abrasive printing inks. It predominantly sees use in banknote and security printing.

  • Made of special case-hardening steel
  • Hardened
  • Special DS coating
  • Surface color: Black

The LPS EVS design is the best choice when it comes to durability under the toughest conditions, including for use with abrasive printing inks (such as for Euro II banknotes).

  • Made of selected special steel
  • Hardened
  • Special EVS coating
  • Surface color: Dusky pink