Electronic numbering machine control system

LNST 4 for rotary web printing

The LEIBINGER LNST 4 electronic numbering machine control system is ideal for web printing with simultaneous numbering. The electronic numbering machine control system allows – after initial setup and adjustment – the numbering machines and printing to be activated in correct sequence while the machine is running. The same applies to shutting off the numbering station at the end of the printing process. The LEIBINGER LNST 4 thus guarantees that the numbering system is switched on and off at a speed of 10 to 600 revolutions per minute. This corresponds to anywhere from about 5 to 300 meters of paper web per minute, depending on the printing circumference.

  • Cams switched on and off in correct sequence
  • No more adjusting the numbering machines manually after an interruption
  • Significant time savings thanks to shorter setup times
  • Sequential print control option: Switching on and off of multiple numbering cylinders/printing stations arranged in series
  • Lifting and holding up the printing cylinder parallel to the numbering machine sequence
  • Splice monitoring
  • Switching off the numbering system at the end of the reel
  • Repeating numbers
  • Paper web tear
  • Document preselection counter, splice monitoring, switching the printing cylinder on and off
  • Voiding
  • Visual or audible signal
  • Special requests accommodated