full monitoring system

LEIBINGER fully monitored numbering machines guarantee 100% monitoring of each individual number or letter wheel. The LEIBINGER LZ full monitoring system makes implementing numbering systems on printing machines even more reliable. The two-part design forms the basis for a completely monitored numbering system. The top part is a mechanical numbering machine, while the monitoring modules are built into the bottom part. 

For information about specific versions of the wheels, e.g. for printing banknotes, click here.


In the LEIBINGER four-sensor system, each automatic number wheel is monitored using a board with 4 sensors in conjunction with the magnets on the number wheels. The system thus guarantees 100% monitoring of each individual wheel. The system detects exactly which digit is displayed. For example, if a single number wheel has been configured incorrectly during machine setup, the system indicates exactly which numbering machine and which number wheel is out of spec. Accordingly, the printing machine can be started only if all number wheels are set correctly. Deviations or setting errors are displayed on the system monitor with more detailed information. Corrections can be made easily and instantaneously and the printing machine can be started.

  • The mechanical top section can be removed quickly and maintained like an ordinary numbering machine, such as using an ultrasonic device for cleaning.
  • The bottom section with the sensor electronics remains in the printing machine, as no cleaning or maintenance work is necessary.
  • After the two sections are joined back together, no laborious and time-consuming repositioning of the numbering machines is required, as the bottom section remains secure in the machine.
  • The numbering machine reports the configured digit to the software.
  • The software reports errors immediately thanks to an actual/target comparison. The screen shows exactly which digit is incorrect and the machine stops.
  • Non-automatic wheels have a spring loaded locking device that blocks unwanted or accidental rotation. The locking device has to be pressed to rotate the wheels; releasing the locking device locks the wheels again automatically.
  • The numbering machines are equipped with a pre-inking device.