LENservo 12:

Now with 12 number and letter wheels

The LENservo 12 electronically controlled numbering system has 12 number and letter wheels, which reset automatically in milliseconds. With numbering sequences that can be programmed freely, it is ideal for banknote and security printing.


To achieve optimum productivity and security with numbering systems, you need more than the greatest possible number of servomotors. It is the perfect interaction of all components that makes the difference. Equipped with 12 number and letter wheels, the LENservo 12 marks up to 12,000 print sheets per hour at a top speed of 80,000 revolutions per minute and automatically sets a new security code every 80 milliseconds. After numbering, the banknotes no longer need to go through lengthy collection, but can proceed directly to further processing.

Since the number of moving parts has been reduced to a minimum, and sensitive components such as gears or electronic contacts have been entirely eliminated, the potential sources of error have also been reduced. A key prerequisite for the LENServo 12’s ability to reliably meet the high demands of a three-shift operation. But there is even more: during the development of the motor, we ensured that it would perform more quickly than standard printing presses, so that the numbering system would never lead to a production bottleneck.

A further advantage is that skip-control – via encoders on the servomotors and magnets on the mechanical wheels – guarantees zero-defect printing. And restarting after an error message is foolproof.

Information on special wheel versions, e.g. for banknote printing, can be found here.

  • 12 servomotor-operated plus additional hand-adjustable numeric/letter wheels – depending on the layout
  • Freely programmable numbering sequences
  • Automatic transfer and setting of start numbers
  • Automatic fast coloring
  • Long-lasting thanks to in-house hardening and coating process
  • Communication via the control unit outside the machine via a slip ring with only a few contact tracks
  • User-friendly control panel with touchscreen and Windows-based
  • Easy access to all relevant information on the monitor
  • Job and user management
  • Production protocol
  • Error recording and management report
  • Customer-specific adaptations

Maintenance and wheel replacement are much more convenient with the LENservo 12 than with conventional numbering systems. Thanks to the revolutionary and patented folding mechanism, the numbering system can be opened in just a few steps, and the complete wheel set can be removed and cleaned, while the electronic parts remain in the housing. This unique design significantly reduces both maintenance and set-up times. Additionally, the LENservo 12’s compact design reduces circumferential and axial distances to a minimum.

  • Sheet-fed and continuous presses in the banknote and security sector
  • Single banknote numbering
  • Security documents
  • Lottery tickets
  • Full adaptation to all printing presses relevant to security printing
  • Machine-specific interfaces
  • Compact installation dimensions