The one-of-a-kind electronically controlled random numbering machine

The LENservo electronically controlled, servomotor-driven random numbering system is ideal for banknote and security printing. LENservo combines the attributes of mechanical LEIBINGER numbering machines – such as sturdiness, reliability and precision – with maximum flexibility and production efficiency. While mechanical numbering machines offer only two options – counting forwards or backwards – the LENservo gives you complete freedom to program the numbering sequences.


This means maximum flexibility in downstream processing, for example when printing banknotes: Banknote sheets can move to the finishing line much more quickly because new numbers can be easily assigned in just milliseconds. This avoids unnecessarily long delays while banknotes are collected – they enter the finishing stage without machine downtimes! This gives you greater efficiency and assurance.

In addition to the more professional processing, three more advantages make the LENservo an ideal solution for banknote and security printing:

  • Fast error identification and reporting
  • No waste
  • Easy restart

For information about specific versions of the wheels, e.g. for printing banknotes, click here.

The LENservo is available in straight and convex versions. A variant for passport documents is also available.

  • Seven servomotor-controlled and additional manually adjustable letter/number wheels depending on layout
  • User-programmable numbering sequences
  • Automatic takeover and setting of start numbers
  • Automatic pre-inking  
  • Long service life ensured by in-house hardening and coating process
  • Communication with the control unit outside the machine using a slip ring with only a few contact races
  • User-oriented, Windows-based control panel with touchscreen
  • Easy access to all relevant information on the monitor
  • Job and user management
  • Production logging
  • Error notification and management report
  • Customer-specific adaptations

Maintenance and wheel replacement are far more convenient for the LENservo than for conventional numbering machines. The revolutionary patented fold-out mechanism lets you open the numbering machine with just a few hand movements. You can remove the entire set of wheels for cleaning while the electronic parts remain in the housing. This one-of-a-kind design substantially reduces both maintenance and setup times. In addition, the compact design of the LENservo reduces the distance around and across to a minimum.

  • Sheet-fed and web printing machines in the banknote and security printing area
  • Single banknote numbering  
  • Security documents
  • Lottery tickets
  • Adapts fully to all printing machines relevant to security printing
  • Machine-specific interfaces
  • Compact installation dimensions