controls up to 30 LEIBINGER JET3up inkjet printers

The marking in production can be designed even more efficiently using the WINJET3 software from Paul LEIBINGER. WINJET3 software gives you centralized control and monitoring of up to 30 LEIBINGER JET3up inkjet printers using a computer. The software takes over complete control of all important printer functions remotely. WINJET3 is set up similarly to existing JET3up software, which makes it very easy for users to understand.


WINJET3 gives you centralized control of up to 30 LEIBINGER JET3up printers installed on a single production line using a computer. For this purpose, each printer is connected to the central control system (which relays data to the PC) via the LAN network.

The WINJET3 Standard software allows you to prepare any number of print jobs independent of production using the Windows-based computer interface. Texts, logos and graphics are created in advance via the integrated editor.

You can also monitor up to 30 JET3up printers using the software. Users are continuously informed about the status of all connected printers. They can start or quit the print process for all printers using one command.

The synchronous operation of the individual JET3up printers is continuously monitored during production. This also makes the WINJET3 Standard software well-suited for manufacturing multi-track products where each head prints unique data.

  • Directly access up to 30 JET3up inkjet printers with one computer
  • Complete control of all important functions remotely
  • Prepare print texts and jobs for production on a PC
  • Standalone graphic, logo and text editor
  • Status of all printers at a glance (status messages)
  • Option for expansion: WINJET3 Mailing