Design jobs for the JET3up printer

easily at the computer

JETedit3 is an efficient instrument for preparing jobs for the JET3up printer (JET3up, JET3up PI, JET3up PRO, JET3up MI models). The user can prepare print jobs comfortably at a computer in the office and send them to the connected printer using Explorer (via Ethernet). Data can also be transferred via USB.

  • Import, create, save or copy jobs and graphics very easily using a familiar PC environment.
  • Along with graphics, texts and 1D and 2D barcodes (e.g. QR codes) can also be transmitted.
  • For quick operation, the integrated editor for creating graphics precisely matches the graphics editor of the JET3up printer.
  • JETedit3 provides all functions, such as various counters, date, time and shift codes and replacements.
  • Convenient for the user: JETedit3 allows you to manage multiple print jobs at your computer.
  • Here, you can configure parameters, such as print delay, font width, shaft encoder settings or date changes.
  • Jobs can be copied quickly and easily.

JETedit3 can also be used as a centralized data backup. This allows you to store data on a computer safely and archive it reliably.

Individual settings for printers and print data with graphics and jobs can be transmitted from one printer to another quickly and easily via JETedit3.

Menu navigation on the JETedit3 is based on the Windows interface and is self-explanatory for creating and editing jobs and graphics. The job editor was taken right from the JET3up printer, giving it the same easy-to-understand structure and ensuring JET3up users are familiar with it. The computer and inkjet printer are connected either via Ethernet or a serial RS232 interface.

  • Create jobs easily on the computer and send them to the printer
  • Manage multiple print jobs simultaneously
  • Data backup
  • Copy print jobs easily from one printer to the another
  • Easy operation using a Windows-based interface