Marking and coding product arrays


The WINJET3 XY software controls the travel paths of the JET3up print head with great flexibility. In combination with an XY-traverse system like JETmotion or other XY-traverse systems, product ranges can be printed automatically from left to right and from top to bottom. The program can be adapted flexibly to new product ranges.


The WINJET3 XY software calculates the optimum travel path on a XY-traverse system before printing and then adapts the path automatically to the quickest processing time. This saves time and makes production more efficient.

The software's user-friendly operating interface can be used to see how far along the marking cycle is at a glance. A second counter indicates how many products have already been printed. This also allows you to monitor the printing progress on your computer in the office.

Configuration for WINJET3 XY is set up to be easy to understand. Parameters like "Packaging units per carton", "Number of boxes in the batch" and "Assignment of boxes" can be selected from a drop-down menu or entered in clearly labeled text fields.

The WINJET3 XY software is compatible with LEIBINGER JET3up series inkjet printers. The program takes over control of the JET3up printer. The JETmotion from LEIBINGER is recommended as a movement axis. It can be easily linked to the printer and the program. In combination with WINJET3 XY, JETmotion can not only move vertically, but horizontally as well.

  • Efficient product array printing
  • Perfectly compatible with LEIBINGER JET3up and JETmotion
  • Large storage capacity for various print orders
  • Automatic optimization of the movement path