Labeling software for the Leibinger inkjet printer

Inkjet marking using the LEIBINGER inkjet printer and professional labeling software is now possible with the NiceLabel printer driver. The unique driver from the established software manufacturer is well known and popular in the packaging industry. The world market leader for software programs for supporting label printing applications of all kinds has developed a printer driver specifically for the JET2neo and JET3up. The JET3up has been added to the list of NiceLabel printer drivers as the first continuous inkjet printer. The driver is available through NiceLabel for all JET2neo and JET3up series models.


LEIBINGER and NiceLabel developed a Windows driver that can be used to send many different Fonts like 7x5 or 9x7 to the JET2neo or JET3up for printing products. Printing Unicode, other foreign languages and characters is also possible. Furthermore, the Leibinger printer can apply 1D and 2D codes like barcodes and QR codes using the NiceLabel Software.

NiceLabel allows all inkjet printers integrated into the production process to be controlled together with all other label printers used and enables mapping of the entire production chain. And all of this using a single computer.

  • WYSIWYG function (what you see is what you get)
  • Connections to database management systems
  • Standard ERP connectivity, such as SAP, MS Dynamics
  • 100% Windows driver
  • The Windows driver can be used to control a JET2neo or JET3up printer directly
  • The printer is controlled centrally using software together with other devices such as label printers
  • Print Unicode and other foreign languages and characters
  • Print all barcodes, 1D, 2D, QR codes, etc.