WINJET3 Mailing:

Ideal for variable data

Typical application examples for WINJET3 Mailing include addressing packages as well as printing lottery numbers on raffle and lottery tickets. The software sends variable print data to one or multiple printers. Furthermore, the Mailing version includes all advantages of the WINJET3 Standard software: Up to 30 LEIBINGER JET3up inkjet printers can be controlled and monitored centrally from one computer.


WINJET3 Mailing reads out data sets from data files and sends them to one or more printers. This means complex mailing applications can be implemented easily and reliably. The WINJET3 Mailing software has many additional functions that simplify working with databases. For example, various file formats can be used and individual data fields can be masked out from the data files.

WINJET3 enables control of up to 30 JET3up small character inkjet printers centrally via computer on a single LAN connection. The program takes over the entire operation of all important functions remotely: You can prepare as many print jobs as you want via the Windows-based computer interface. Texts, logos and graphics are created in advance via the integrated editor.

The software can be used to monitor up to 30 JET3up printers. Users are continuously informed about the status of all connected printers. They can start or quit the print process for all printers using one command.

The synchronous operation of the individual JET3up printers is continuously monitored during production. This also makes the WINJET3 Mailing software well-suited for manufacturing multi-track products.

  • Print variable data from databases
  • Directly access up to 30 JET3up inkjet printers with one computer
  • Complete control of all important functions remotely
  • Prepare print texts and jobs for production on a PC
  • Standalone graphic, logo and text editor
  • Status of all printers at a glance (status messages)
  • Comprehensively monitor the synchronous operation of all printers