Makes CIJs work!

Equipped with the automatic Sealtronic nozzle sealing system, the Leibinger inkjet Printers are ready to print in just a few seconds and always start with a clean print.

  • With SEALTRONIC, your printer is always ready for use – even after work breaks or longer downtimes.
  • 100% secure protection from ink nozzles blocking.
  • No drying out of ink.
  • Maintenance-free starting without rinsing cycles
  • Instant initialization with reliable print Quality
  • No more need for labor-intensive cleaning
  • Production losses can be consistently prevented
  • Uses fewer consumables


The ink return line, or gutter, is automatically retracted into the nozzle when the printer is switched off, creating a hermetically sealed, air tight circuit.

100 % protection against clogged nozzles!


With the nozzle seal in place, the ink stream remains pressurized. The ink gutter moves into its open position
and within seconds, the system is ready to print.

Immediate start-up with consistent print quality!

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