LEIBINGER Vision System V-check

Reliable quality control of printed data

  • Image sensor for internal quality assurance
  • 100% inspection of predefined elements
  • Increase production reliability



Incorrectly or incompletely marked products are a great source of frustration for every company. Not only does it waste time, money and work resources, it may even damage the company's image. The combination of reliable LEIBINGER inkjet printers and the new V-check vision system prevents this scenario from ever happening in the first place, providing a high level of production reliability.

V-check enables 100% inspection of elements that have been selected beforehand. Consequently, texts, expiration dates, serial or LOT numbers, among others, undergo a strict quality inspection or presence check. V-check immediately sends a signal to the LEIBINGER inkjet printer when it detects incorrectly encoded products. The printer is capable of activating additional systems to stop the production line or inform the operator using corresponding sound or light signals, for example. The LEIBINGER monitoring system ensures that only goods which are completely and correctly marked are shipped to customers.


At high production speeds, inspecting individual products manually is no longer possible. The fully automated V-check vision system reliably monitors each product individually, even at high speeds. Early detection of incorrectly or incompletely marked products minimizes the reject rate and optimizes the entire production process. This saves time and reduces costs.

A great advantage of the Vision System is its direct connection to the LEIBINGER JET3up and JET2neo inkjet printer series. This involves attaching a high-performance image sensor to the printhead and a handy, removable 3.5" touchscreen display directly to the cabinet of the inkjet printer. The V-check integration is carried out quickly and easily, because all required cables and holders are included in the complete set. The installation takes place in the shortest time and without any need for a computer.

Communication between printer and image sensor simplifies user handling significantly. For example, the user can configure settings for the trigger signal or for issuing error messages directly via the printer display. The printer menu is also used to define which action is to be triggered in the case of a fault or a faulty imprint.

V-check lets LEIBINGER offer a simple solution for the complex challenges related to product marking and monitoring. The Vision System can be installed anywhere LEIBINGER inkjet printers are used for encoding and marking, e.g. in the packaging, food, beverage, printing, extrusion, electronics, plastics or automotive industry. The handy format of the V-check image sensor and external touchscreen display guarantees easy integration into any production system.

Paul LEIBINGER, as the only supplier, combines decades of experience in product marking, numbering machine technology and camera equipment. Paul LEIBINGER guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability for all its products thanks to the wealth of experience and years of expertise of its employees and its sole production facilities at the company's headquarters in Germany.