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High security; high efficiency

Numbering and coding for printing and paper

High-security printing is an important part of the printing industry because every banknote is unique. Numbering machines used in the paper industry need to work reliably and apply numberings and codings that are easy to read.

Why Leibinger?

Leibinger numbering machines are extremely well-suited for numbering and coding high-security documents, whether banknotes, passports, tax labels, lottery tickets, or certificates. The solutions for state-run or private high-security printing offices include purely mechanical numbering machines, mechanical devices with electronic full monitoring systems, and modulus control to electronic numbering systems controlled via servomotors.

Throughout the world, numbering machines and systems from Leibinger are famous for their quality and reliability — which have exceeded expectations for more than 70 years. During the production of the high-precision numbering machines "made in Germany", Leibinger pays the utmost attention to ensuring the proper interaction of springs, actuating and retaining pawls, axes, number wheels, housings and drive mechanisms, including the engraving, for millions and millions of numbering operations.

Leibinger’s other products, the continuous inkjet printers, are used for internal security processes such as the traceability of security paper sheets in the printing process or to print “lucky” numbers on packaging for consumer promotions.

Your applications

Leibinger numbering machines are perfect for numbering and coding high-security documents, whether banknotes, passports, tax labels, lottery tickets, or certificates.

Our solutions

Leibinger continuous inkjet printers with Sealtronic speed-up start.


The ultimate CIJ solution

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer to handle the most complex and challenging coding and marking applications. Prints 5 lines at speeds of up to 10 m/s. more >

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