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The benchmark in coding & marking.

Our values

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The LEIBINGER family: 3 generations


Welcome to the LEIBINGER world of coding & marking. Where reliability rules. And where innovation meets expertise. We draw on 75 years of experience supporting our thousands of satisfied customers around the globe and bringing their ambitious visions to life – in consumer goods, food and beverages, in automotive and extrusions. Our customers have come to rely on the proven excellence of LEIBINGER’s high-precision, user-friendly, time-saving coding & marking systems.

LEIBINGER’s state-of-the-art technologies ensure your peak productivity and exceptional print quality. As the globally recognised leader in CIJ technology – including the world’s only fully automatic nozzle sealing system – our products are continuously raising the benchmark in the field of coding & marking. 

Innovation at LEIBINGER

A long-standing legacy of quality and high precision

Across three family generations, LEIBINGER has proven its commitment to always exceeding our customers’ expectations. Founded by Paul Leibinger over 75 years ago, our company initially specialised in numbering machines. Today, our global leadership position reflects our unrelenting commitment to quality. Our family-run business structure ensures autonomy from financial markets, so that we can focus exclusively on developing and delivering exceptional products and services.

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Outstanding ‘made in Germany’ quality

Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, we have succeeded in maintaining over 85% vertical integration – to guarantee stringent quality control, absolute reliability and timely deliveries for our customers. This also ensures independence from supply chains and full control over the quality of our printers – setting us apart in the market. At LEIBINGER, our commitment to excellence knows no limits. Just ask our customers.

Customised solutions to meet your specific needs

LEIBINGER systems serve customers globally across diverse industries, from FMCG to industrial products, food and beverages, automotive and extrusion. Our CIJ printers ensure flawless prints and adapt seamlessly to different line speeds, at up to 1,000m per minute – no matter the surface, material or shape, be it for 2D codes, dates, logos or batch numbers. LEIBINGER does it all. And we are always up-to-date with regulatory developments, making us your best partner for dynamic, success-critical coding and marking projects.

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Top priority: Cost-effectiveness for our customers

Cost-effectiveness is at the forefront of everything we do for our customers – minimising consumption of solvents and inks, reducing energy use and robust technology and product design requiring minimal maintenance and repairs. In fact, our solutions deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market. Our experts are looking forward to meeting with you to develop and finetune your best and most cost-effective coding & marking solution.

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A well-established global network at your service

LEIBINGER is headquartered in Tuttlingen, in beautiful Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We have subsidiaries in the US and China, as well as a global network of 150 partners to ensure close proximity and very personalised service for our customers around the world. Our network of certified, trained partners shares our deeply rooted values of quality, reliability and a proven customer focus to provide sound, responsive coding & marking support around the globe.

Find your local LEIBINGER expert

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Our people – our shared success

LEIBINGER employs 300 people worldwide and they are the driving force behind our success. We have long understood that our employees’ growth and ours are intrinsically linked. Our commitment to ongoing education, advanced training and employee support and engagement contribute to fostering a real sense of team spirit. We celebrate their successes and ours, as we did on the occasion of a number of our employees celebrating their 50th anniversary with the company. A milestone we are very proud of.

150 years collective service >

75 years anniversary >

A sustainable future begins today

At LEIBINGER, our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future is what drives our product development. We prioritise sustainable, eco-friendly materials, minimising product consumption through our vertical integration. All our components are built for longevity and reducing waste. We prioritise environmentally responsible products, practices and inks. Just one example is our recently introduced IQJET with up to 50% solvent recovery, zero solvent use during breaks, low power consumption and a full 5-year no maintenance guarantee.

Sustainability at LEIBINGER

Innovation – expect more

At LEIBINGER, we always strive to best meet and even exceed our customers’ needs today and tomorrow – by always being a step ahead of the market. And you too will come to expect much more than a flawless print image.Read more about our innovation spirit at the prestigious innovation awards LEIBINGER and our products with which we were honoured here:

Innovation at LEIBINGER

Everything you need from a single source

We take pride in LEIBINGER’s proprietary ink development. Our extensive portfolio of inks in various colours and with finely tuned properties is tailored to the needs of many different sectors such as consumer goods, food and beverage, automotive and extrusion. Our scientists are continuously enhancing ink performance to ensure precise coding & marking for virtually any application – with a proven focus on providing the perfect match of ink and innovative coding & marking technology. Following a personalised consultation, all facets of the process – from the product to be printed, material composition, shape, speed and the required print –will converge like puzzle pieces and result in the perfect ink for your application. And, of course, the very best solution for your production line.



The new IQJET. The first intelligent coding & marking system.

With IQJET: Plug & print, 5 years maintenance-free and the best TCO values on the market thanks to low consumption of resources - that's what the new LEIBINGER IQJET offers. This intelligent printer ensures undisturbed, carefree work and maximum productivity in your production, because the IQJET simply does what it is supposed to: Printing, printing, printing...

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