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It runs in the family

The basis of our reliability

Our incentive:
Your productivity

LEIBINGER is a global specialist for marking systems and numbering machines with headquarters in Germany. Our aim is to help you get started – whatever products you mark, whatever banknotes, documents or lots you number. We offer you solutions that are fast, reliable, and easy to use. You get quality – Made in Germany.  

User-friendliness, reliability, speed, and quality are the four criteria that all LEIBINGER inkjet printers and numbering machines meet. In order to guarantee them, we produce with the greatest possible production depth at our plant in Tuttlingen. Innovative technology and production on site, under one roof. And we offer excellent service via a dense worldwide network of dealers. That is what we mean by efficiency. A symbol of this is our Sealtronic technology, which gives our inkjet printers the shortest start-up time on the market. Enjoy higher productivity. With LEIBINGER.

This is what we stand for

After our founder, Paul Leibinger, and his son Günther Leibinger, our company is now managed by Christina Leibinger, a member of the third generation. Family management is a guarantor of trust and consistency – both internally towards our employees and externally towards our customers, partners, suppliers, society, and the region.

For us, for LEIBINGER, for our products and innovations, it has always been the demand that marking and numbering runs in your production - reliably, at any time, whenever you want it - without compromise. That is why our brand promise is simple and straightforward: 


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Has it always been like this?
Yes, for certain

Ready to go since 1948

It all began in 1948 in a barn, with three employees and high-precision numbering machines that Paul Leibinger used to establish the success of our company. Today, LEIBINGER is a sought-after partner for security printing. Central banks around the world trust in the reliable numbering of their banknotes with numbering systems from LEIBINGER – the original.

With our second business segment, industrial inkjet printers, we are one of the world's leading suppliers of coding and marking systems altogether. At the heart of each of our printers is Sealtronic, the intelligent nozzle sealing technology that prevents the ink from drying up and enables an immediate start. Without cleaning.

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Foresight and proximity:
Wherever you encounter us, we are distinctively LEIBINGER 

What our customers appreciate about LEIBINGER:
Openness to the world, trust, networking

Today, LEIBINGER employs around 300 people in Tuttlingen and in our subsidiaries in East Troy, USA and in China who are close to the customer and open to the world. And of course this also applies to everyone we work together with – to our certified partners around the globe.

Responsibility for employees and society:
Solidarity and reliability

As a family-run business, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and the region. Secure jobs, loyalty to the location, sustainability, and environmental protection – that is what we stand for. For better or for worse.

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What do we understand by "Made in Germany?"
Made in Germany!

High production depth and excellent advice

Our CIJ printers and numbering machines meet the highest quality standards. How do we do this? It starts with the idea, design and development, and continues with product innovations and customer solutions. Advice and service are also available to you first hand or through our comprehensively trained, expert distributors in your area.

Inventiveness is in our DNA

Baden-Württemberg is probably better known for ingenuity and inventiveness than any other state in Germany. This applies all the more to Tuttlingen, which is a center for medical technology – and for precision engineering. We ourselves are the proof: LEIBINGER.



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In-house performance at its best:


Our story

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Start-up in the barn


Paul Leibinger initially founded the company in Stetten an der Donau, soon followed by smaller branches around Tuttlingen

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Change in management


After the death of the founder, his son Günther Leibinger took over as CEO and set the course for the future.

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The breakthrough


As an exclusive supplier for Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, LEIBINGER finally gained a presence in the international market. 

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Foundation LEIBINGER Inc. USA


LEIBINGER Inc. USA was founded as part of the worldwide expansion.

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The first inkjet printer


LEIBINGER launched the JET 1 – it was already equipped with a technology that would later be developed into the unique Sealtronic technology

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Under one roof


LEIBINGER pooled all areas of expertise and all branches around Tuttlingen in a new company building. In 2014, a further production hall was planned for the Tuttlingen North site. Maximum production depth on 12,000 m2.

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The third generation


Christina Leibinger joined the management team and has been the force behind the company's orientation ever since.

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LEIBINGER expands its site in Tuttlingen with its own sheet metal production.

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Introduction JET Rapid


With the JET Rapid, LEIBINGER introduces a High Speed Line.

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New image


LEIBINGER launches a new image and a clear brand promise: CODING AND MARKING.

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LEIBINGER expands its range to include inks from its own ink laboratory.

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Foundation LEIBINGER China Ltd.


LEIBINGER establishes a new sales and service location in China.

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75 years


LEIBINGER celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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With the IQJET, LEIBINGER is developing the world's first intelligent coding & marking system.

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What we value

Code of conduct

At home in the company

Appreciation, reliability, equal opportunity, and mutual trust – these are the values we stand for regardless of age, gender, country of origin, or ideology. We deal with each other with fairness – based on the law and international human rights.


In dealing with customers, partners, and suppliers

Reputability, solidity, integrity, and fairness characterize our behavior in business relationships, whether with customers, partners or suppliers. Because that is the only basis upon which we can maintain the reliability of mutual commitments and ensure excellence of performance. In short, this is the only basis upon which the essential prerequisite for mutual success can grow: trust.

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What we value

Code of conduct

Towards society

A down-to-earth nature, responsibility, tradition, and solidarity characterize our relationship with the Tuttlingen location and the Danube mountain region. We come from here and we belong here. We emphasize this with broad commitment and by supporting associations, institutions, and events. That has always been so and will remain so in the future.


In harmony with the environment

We actively contribute to the preservation of our environment. We rely on solar energy, heat recovery, our own cleaning facilities, and recycling valuable materials. Through effective production planning, conscious energy consumption, waste water neutralization, and intelligent lighting concepts we save energy and protect the environment.

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What we value

Code of conduct

With environmentally friendly products

What applies to our production also applies to our products. Our inkjet printers feature low energy consumption, high durability, and resource-saving service. We comply with the EU regulations REACH and RoHS.


In the context of data protection

As a globally active company, we pay very close attention to national and international data protection regulations and comply with them. This applies to the personal data of our employees and to all information about our customers and business partners.

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Good to know

LEIBINGER is a member of SEDEX

The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) database is a world-renowned platform for exchanging information on ethically sustainable production in the supply chain. The SEDEX database enables its approximately 43,000 members in more than 150 countries to support supplier management and reduce risk through information exchange. As a result, improvements in ethically responsible business practices are achieved across the entire value chain.