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Optimize your carbon footprint

Our common plan.

How the IQJET 
helps to achieve your sustainability targets.

LEIBINGER products are designed to be sustainable and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Good for the environment is good for you too. We use the most durable and environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we have sustainability under our control and avoid unnecessary transport routes. Our components are designed for longevity and if one needs to be replaced, we limit ourselves to the exact component that is subject to wear.

LEIBINGER deliberately refrain from maximizing profits at the expense of the environment and reduces the consumption of its products to a minimum. This is good for the environment and easy on our customers’ budgets.



Up to 50 % solvent recovery

It takes foresight and technological innovation to consciously reduce consumption to an absolute minimum. We do it without hesitation.


36 watts, lowest power consumption

The most innovative technologies put the IQJET first when it comes to energy efficiency. Significantly reducing power consumption in your production.


Low VOC inks

All our products, including consumables, are smartly designed and comply with the latest safety and environmental regulations, such as REACH or RoHS. Consider our MEK-free, low VOC inks for further reduction of environmental impact.



0% solvent consumption in production breaks. When not in use, the ink circuit automatically closes airtight – a singular advantage of IQJET. No solvent can escape into the environment.
This saves 100% solvents during production breaks.


No ink wastage

Our cartridges are completely emptied. With many conventional cartridges, up to 10% residue remains, which must be disposed of as hazardous waste and represents waste.


Responsible Production

We use the best and most environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we have sustainability under our control and avoid unnecessary transport routes.


No scrapping of cores

We don´t scrap cores, cubes, or similar disposable modules. Only single parts that are up to wear are exchanged when needed. 

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