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LEIBINGER the ink specialist.

After all, not all inks are created equal. Experience, Expertise, Variety.

What would you like to print? Texts, logos or codes? On what type of surface? At what speed? In what kind of production environment? We look forward to giving you the confidence of knowing that we can offer you exactly the right solution for your specific needs.

In addition to the very best coding & marking technology from LEIBINGER, it is decisive that the ink and solvent are precisely matched to the application. This is the only way to achieve your goals, such as excellent legibility, abrasion resistance, drying time and adhesion, all the way through to meeting special requirements such as fluorescence or temperature-dependent color changes. LEIBINGER has decades of experience in the development and production of high-quality inks.

Our ink properties

Proven expertise in ink.

LEIBINGER is a leading solution specialist in coding & marking. Whether for the consumer goods, food and beverage, automotive or extrusion, we are at home everywhere. Our highly experienced scientists work in our labs every day to further improve the performance of our inks and to develop new formulations. 

All targeted to a single goal: To provide you with the best possible combination of ink and marking technology. The LEIBINGER portfolio has an unmatched selection of ink types in a wide variety of colors. And this is a guarantee that we can supply you with the perfect ink for virtually any application. In our labs, we put the quality of LEIBINGER inks to the most stringent testing to ensure that they deliver exactly the outstanding performance our customers around the world have come to expect.

Mix and match our ink properties to suit your requirements.


The inks usually dry within a second,
thanks to fast-evaporating solvents and suitable resins.


The inks can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C without evaporating, thanks to special color pigments.


No UV-related fading or bleaching of the print, thanks to high-quality, UV-stable color pigments and dyes.


Special inks that meet the directives and regulations for printing on food packaging.


Inks with raw materials that are approved for direct contact with food.

Thermochromic (color change):

When the ink changes color, the imprint indicates that the sterilization process has been carried out correctly.


Inks for hot steam sterilization
(retort/autoclave) without loss of contrast and adhesion.


These prints are only visible under UV light.


Highly pigmented inks form an opaque, rich color application on dark surfaces and products, and guarantee the best legibility thanks to outstanding

Environmentally friendly
(green coding):

We offer low-odor, MEK-free and fast-drying inks, as well as inks with low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels. The cartridges are 100% recyclable.


These inks penetrate thin condensation layers and adhere well in spite of cooling and the moisture that develops. In the recycling process, the ink can be removed entirely using lye.


Inks that are UV-curable develop a strong resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents, such as alcohol, kerosene, gasoline, cleaning agents, etc.


Special ink formulations make the ink resistant to leaking plasticizer, especially with PVC materials.

Adhesive to films:

Excellent adhesion properties on films and plastics with low surface energy and “greasy” surfaces, such as PE.


The new IQJET. The first intelligent coding & marking system.

With IQJET: Plug & print, 5 years maintenance-free and the best TCO values on the market thanks to low consumption of resources - that's what the new LEIBINGER IQJET offers. This intelligent printer ensures undisturbed, carefree work and maximum productivity in your production, because the IQJET simply does what it is supposed to: Printing, printing, printing...

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