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IQJET - the new coding & marking standard. CIJ reinvented.

The IQJET is an ideal solution for coding & marking in various industries, offering innovative „Plug & Print“ performance for high print quality and availability without cleaning.

This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) experience, providing five years of hassle-free operation without scheduled maintenance.

With exceptional performance, cost savings up to 30%, and a focus on sustainability, the IQJET enables businesses to reduce their ecological footprint while increasing productivity. Embrace the future of product marking with the IQJET for maximum reliability and efficiency. Changing the game with LEIBINGER.



The first intelligent coding & marking system.
Printing, printing, printing ...

Unleash unparalleled advantages with the IQJET’s four groundbreaking intelligent functions, setting it apart from the competition.

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IQPRINT ensures reliable printing with consistent quality. When the printer is not in use the ink circuit, including the print nozzle, is automatically sealed and ink circulates. IQPRINT eliminates maintenance and printhead cleaning routines, maximizing productive time. more >



The IQJET operating system features a 10" touch display and various interfaces including OPC UA and an integrated PLC for easy integration. It offers intuitive operation without prior knowledge required. Click-and-drop settings are effortlessly simple. more >



The IQJET with its SMART. EFFICIENCY. system minimizes operating costs and environmental impact. Examples include the lowest consumption (~2.7 cc/h for MEK inks) and exceptional reliability to prevent waste and scrap. New XXL Ink cartridges are emptied to the last drop and don't require separate disposal like conventional CIJ systems. more >



With the intelligent SMART.CARE function, maintenance is virtually eliminated, ensuring five years of outstanding quality and reliability. The unique design minimizes wear and tear by eliminating the need for a continuously running feed pump. This approach is unique in the CIJ market. more >


Optimize your carbon footprint

Ensuring sustainability in production is of utmost importance for businesses today. It is crucial that companies set and achieve sustainability goals to minimize their environmental impact and contribute to a greener future. The new IQJET from LEIBINGER supports production companies in achieving these goals in their production processes efficiently.


  • Optimized ecological footprint
  • Minimum resource consumption
  • Significant cost savings


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iqprint.svgIntelligent ink management.
Consistently high print quality without time-consuming cleaning.

With its unique IQPRINT, LEIBINGER has entirely reimagined inkjet technology. The exceptionally robust, reliable system always ensures the best print quality, short start-up times without the need for cleaning, and maximum availability in day-to-day operation. When not in use, IQPRINT automatically seals the entire ink system 100% airtight and allows the ink to continue circulating. This prevents the ink from drying and the typical clogging that would otherwise occur. When the IQJET is switched on, it gets back to work immediately.

To ensure consistently high print quality regardless of the ambient conditions, IQPRINT permanently regulates ink temperature and viscosity.

The IQJET does exactly what it’s supposed to: print non-stop for your peace of mind.


SMARTOS.svgIntuitive operation.
And simple system integration.

SMART.OS ensures that operation is easier and faster than ever before. The clearly laid out 10.1” touchscreen display can be adjusted to your requirements as needed. All necessary settings can be made with just a few clicks. In production operation, the IQJET displays key status information in color and visible from a distance. Animated, step-by-step instructions interactively explain the required work steps. This enables anyone, for instance, to replace consumables quickly and easily, even without prior knowledge.

It is also incredibly easy to integrate the IQJET into your production line. Several interfaces, including OPC UA, a built-in PLC and a visual wiring check verify whether the inputs and outputs are functioning as they should.

Operation that supports you intuitively.


SMARTEfficiency.svgMinimizes costs.
Up to 50%* less solvent.

SMART.EFFICIENCY, with its unique Eco-Mode feature, automatically seals the ink circuit when not in use. This stops any solvent consumption. It also condenses evaporated solvent and feeds it back into the system. This results in up to 50% less consumption and emissions. The IQJET is also very economical in terms of energy consumption, using only 36 watts on average.

Another advantage is the new cartridge system: the XXL cartridges allow a large amount of printing before refilling, while at the same time extending reserve runtimes. A quick and safe exchange without mix-up is guaranteed. The cartridges empty to the last drop, so they also save ink. This saves money and the cartridges can simply be disposed of in the residual waste. All this, combined with exceptionally high availability, makes the IQJET the ultimate printing machine.

SMART.EFFICIENCY. Protects the environment and saves costs.

* Compared with conventional CIJ printers


SMARTECARE.svgUnmatched operational reliability
5 years no maintenance.*

The IQJET‘s excellent quality and reliability comes from using long-lasting, durable components, most of which are made at LEIBINGER‘s own factories in Germany, and strict quality control processes.

doesn‘t require a constantly running feed pump. This allows for smooth and gentle operation with minimal wear and tear. The unique Printhead Refresh feature always ensures the safe and clean removal of ink deposits and a wellmaintained printhead – fully automatically.

And, when it‘s finally time for maintenance after 5 long years*, you can do it yourself in no time and without requiring any special tools or prior knowledge – thanks to interactive step-by-step instructional videos. So you benefit from better planning and a significant advantage in terms of production time.

Quality. Made in Germany.

* Time frame may vary depending on operating time, ink type and ambient conditions.


nachhaltig.svgSustainability with LEIBINGER.
Saving resources with intelligence.

LEIBINGER has been acting responsibly and sustainably for decades. Our contribution to sustainability begins as early as in product development, where we research new resource-saving solutions. This commitment continues through our sustainable production using renewable energies and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as efficient distribution logistics.

The new IQJET is the result of this commitment. Thanks to the intelligent IQPRINT, SMART.EFFICIENCY and SMART. CARE technologies, the consumption of valuable resources is reduced more than with any other conventional CIJ printer. Energy, solvent and ink consumption are reduced to an absolute minimum and the IQJET’s outstanding reliability eliminates unnecessary waste and makeready waste. This protects the environment and saves significant costs.

LEIBINGER IQJET. For the sake of the environment.

IQJET – Print on any material and on any shape with a variety of inks made by LEIBINGER.

Glass Glass
Carton Carton
Film Film
Foils Foils
Plastics Plastics
Metal Metal
Wire Wire
Rubber Rubber
Paper Paper
Textiles Textiles
Ceramic Ceramic
Wood Wood

More applications

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