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Details make all the difference.


Leicht von vorne zugänglich, wird der IQJET mit Tinte und Lösemittel versorgt. Eine intelligente Schutzvorrichtung verhindert das Verwechseln und stellt die Verwendung der richtigen Verbrauchsmittel sicher.

8-line quality printing

The IQJET prints 50% more content compared with conventional CIJ printers. You can print up to 8 lines, large 1D/2D codes, complex logos and graphics, with higher resolution and the best font quality.

Automatic nozzle seal

Seals the nozzle airtight as well as the gutter and the entire ink return suction line. This eliminates clogging and ink drying. And the IQJET is always ready to print.

Quick-loading cartridge system

The IQJET is easily supplied with ink and solvent from frontal access. An intelligent protective feature prevents mix-ups and makes sure that the right consumables are used.

XXL ink tank and reserve

Up to 500* operating hours are possible with a single tank filling. Even once the refill message is displayed, the IQJET continues to run for up to 100* hours. More than enough time to order and refill.

* Depending on the application and ambient environment

Ink temperature control

To eliminate temperature fluctuations in the working area and any negative impact on print quality, the ink temperature is precisely controlled at all times.

Hydraulic ink circulation

An intelligent hydraulic system keeps the pressure in the ink circuit constant while protecting the pressure pump. This avoids high wear and tear and eliminates regular, expensive pump replacements.

Printhead Refresh

The Printhead Refresh function entirely removes impurities, such as ink dust, without the need for manual cleaning. The operator does not come into direct contact with solvent.

Power outage protection (option)

A sudden power failure of a few seconds is simply ignored and bridged. If it should last longer, the IQJET switches off in a way that is controlled so that everything can function as usual when it is restarted.

Quality. Made in Germany

A IP56-compliant, stainlesssteel housing, protected against water and dust, ensures exceptional durability and reliability. The IQJET is also water-jet-proof. Optionally, the IQJET is available with IP66 protection. Neither IP56 nor IP66 requires external compressed air.

Highly flexible umbilical

Modern data transmission technology enables a significantly smaller bending radius and increased umbilical torsional capacity. This facilitates installation even in previously inaccessible spots. It also eases integration and increases reliability when the printhead is in motion.

Integrated PLC

The integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) facilitates the integration of the IQJET even in complex and highly automated systems. Logical signal links can be created quickly and easily.

Interfaces for integration

The IQJET is equipped with all commonly used interfaces, including OPC UA. This enables easy integration into any production line.

SelfService with operator assistant

It‘s extremely easy, for instance, to change filters yourself without tools or prior knowledge, thanks to realistic, interactive, 3Danimated step-by-step instructions on the printer display. This eliminates waiting times for customer service.

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