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The electronic full monitoring system for 100% control

If the normal level of reliability is not enough for you, you will love this fully monitored numbering machine. It literally keeps track of every little wheel. On top is the mechanical part with the wheel set, below it are the electronic monitoring modules. The four sensors detect exactly which digit is displayed – and whether it is the right one. With LEIBINGER LZ you won't miss a thing.

  • Automatic four-sensor monitoring
  • Structurally separated mechanics and electronics
  • Automatic pre-inking
  • LEIBINGER quality – Made in Germany

Ideal for web press, sheet printing machines, collators, banknotes, waybills, insurance documents, equity securities, visas, other security documents

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Electronic and seamless

The four-sensor monitoring system

From the perfect interaction of the four sensors on a circuit board with the magnets on the number wheels, the system recognizes exactly which number is displayed by each wheel – and whether it is the right one. Errors are impossible.

The LEIBINGER LZ is also available with an additional optional modulus wheel (check digit).

Separated mechanics and electronics

For easy maintenance and cleaning

For the maintenance and cleaning of the numbering machine, we have deliberately separated the mechanics and electronics. This allows you to easily remove the wheel set from the printing press while the sensors remain in it. After maintenance and cleaning, re-insert the wheel set. Repositioning for exact layout is not necessary.

Detecting and avoiding errors

Continuous target/actual comparison

The sensor system constantly compares the programming to the actual number setting. The system immediately displays the error on the monitor and stops the machine. Locking devices prevent non-automatic wheels from turning accidentally.


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