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Leibinger wheel coatings

Developed in-house for maximum service life

Especially in banknote printing, the number and letter wheels of numbering machines are required to be extremely durable and wear-resistant. At Leibinger, we have developed three special material coatings for exactly this purpose. Proven millions of times, for the strictest requirements.

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Proven millions of times over

Leibinger ES-HCr model
  • High standard
  • Included in all Leibinger numbering machines at no extra cost
  • Suitable for all common applications
  • For rotary machines in the security sector
  • Made of special high-quality steel
  • Hardened
  • Hard chrome-plated
  • Surface color: silver

For high durability

Leibinger LES-DS model

Our LES-DS numbering machine model is ideal for situations that call for high durability, including when using abrasive printing inks. It is predominantly used in banknote printing and security printing.

  • High durability, also when using abrasive printing inks
  • For banknote printing and security printing
  • Made of special case-hardening steel
  • Hardened
  • Special DS coating
  • Surface color: black

For the strictest requirements

Leibinger LPS-EVS model
  • Maximum durability when using abrasive printing inks (e.g., Euro II banknotes)
  • Made of select special steel
  • Hardened
  • Special EVS coating
  • Surface color: dusky pink

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