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Code Printer

inkjet coder materials and surfaces

A code printer is an essential part of most production lines. It is a device that prints codes, type, text or logos onto products, packages or labels. Designed to work at high speed, these printers are important to manufacturers because companies are often bound by law to print batch codes (also known as lot codes) on every item they sell.

Why print batch codes?

Printing these codes matters because they carry information about the products. A code shows where and when they were manufactured, thus helping with traceability of each order throughout the supply chain. In the same way, an expiry date may be printed onto food products. It is therefore important that the ideal printer chosen for the task of applying each code has four key characteristics:

  1. It must print clearly, and in high resolution
  2. It must print on every type of material
  3. It must be designed to withstand harsh, high speed production environments
  4. It must be reliable and ensure uptime

How to optimise print quality

LEIBINGER printers work by printing tiny dots of ink, guided by software, which enables them to write a message or mark of any kind. No need for the printer to touch the surface that is being printed: instead the printer can send a droplet with great accuracy from up to 50mm away. This ability to provide a high resolution, zero touch printout makes printing legible.

What materials can a code printer print onto?

Whether you're printing onto a paper document or the surface of a product, the same need for clear text applies. In different industries, codes are printed onto cardboard, metal, glass, plastic and many other surfaces.

A LEIBINGER printer can cope with any substrate and use a range of inks: high-adhesion, high contrast, scratch resistant, various colors, etc.

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Are you printing in a harsh production environment?

Maintaining print quality can be challenging if you are printing in certain environments. Dust, for example, can be a problem if your production line is involved in dry food preparation and packaging, eg. flour. Timber mills encounter similar issues. LEIBINGER printers solve this problem by being equipped with a pressurized print head that repels dust and prevents it affecting the process.

Food production environments can be difficult for different reasons. Hygiene requirements demand regular washing of equipment, making the IP65 compliance of the LEIBINGER JET3up PRO an essential feature.

How to ensure reliability and productivity

A batch code printer needs to operate effectively every day of its working life. However, when there is a break in printing, there can be a problem with ink drying onto the nozzle of the printer. This means cleaning each printer before work can start again.

Each LEIBINGER printer comes with the unique LEIBINGER Sealtronic® feature, an ingenious way of ensuring that ink does not come into contact with air when printing stops. As a result, there is no need to clean the printer and it is never the printer that holds up your busy production line.

Can I print QR codes and bar codes?

A code printer prints both. In fact, it can print text, images, logos or anything else onto virtually any surface. Codes and text can both be useful in improving product traceability.

Our solutions

LEIBINGER has designed and manufactured code printers for decades in its factory in Germany. By carefully controlling the quality of each printer, we know that each device will perform as our customers expect it to. The systems are supplemented by a broad portfolio of suitable inks for specific application requirements. This perfect interplay of high-performance inks with the right hardware makes for a reliable overall solution.

In additino to our extensive range of printers, we also offer accessories that help each printer integrate with ease into any manufacturers production line. We offer easy to use software in multiple languages. In fact, whatever your application, whatever size your facility, we can provide the ideal printer for your needs.

To ensure additional reliability, LEIBINGER offers a high quality, comprehensive support service to customers around the world. If there are maintenance issues with any device, there is always someone on our team to help.

LEIBINGER CIJ coder print fixed and variable text on any material

Glass Glass
Carton Carton
Film Film
Foils Foils
Plastics Plastics
Metal Metal
Wire Wire
Rubber Rubber
Paper Paper
Textiles Textiles
Ceramic Ceramic
Wood Wood


Family-owned and operated since 1948, Paul Leibinger develops and manufactures continuous inkjet printers that code and mark products and packaging in all industries, in all parts of the world. The reason for our success is the innovative design that helps maximize uptime and improve production line efficiency. In addition, we are renowned for our global support and service, and our attention to quality, since every component is manufactured and checked at our own facility in Tuttlingen, Germany.

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Code printer from LEIBINGER

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IQJET - the first intelligent coding and marking system for all industries. Choose LEIBINGER to print codes, type, text or logos onto products, packages or labels. Benefit from 5 years without maintenance.

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